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By Dan Bowden




Auto Body Kit

Our starter kit for the car enthusiast who wants to really look after and protect their paint. Perfect for new car owners or just those wanting to give their precious ride a great make over. The fact that we have people win “best of show” awards with this and our bigger kits is just a nice bonus in our opinion. All our kits are housed in “BOB”, our award-winning bucket, and contains the best selection of products with an informative guide to show how to get perfect results with each of them. Our kits save you money, about $35.00 here and also come with our famous edible racing cars, personally selected by sugar addict Dan Bowden.

This great kit contains the following car care goodness;

  • 1 x Auto Body Gel wash
  • 1 x Auto Body Cleanser
  • 1 x Auto Body Wax
  • 1 x "Muffy" wash sponge
  • 1 x Regular Chamois
  • 2 x Applicator Mitts
  • 2 x Buffing Cloth
  • 1 x Glass Cloth
  • 1 x BOB Bucket (Blue, not green anymore)
  • 1 x Instructional Guide
  • 1 x Tub of edible racing cars


Add a value pack to this kit, with individual specialist packs for Wheel and Tyres, Leather Care, Vinyl or Plastic Care and Fabric Trim all available. 

$ 145.00

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Qld All Ford Day 2011

Posted Friday 14th October 2011

After a week of rain the Qld All Ford Day was thankfully held on a splendid, but quite windy spring day, which was a welcome change in comparison to the previous year where we had to cancel coming down due to the bad weather! hundreds of cars and their owners took advantage of the day to show off their pride and joy with the thousands of fans who came along for a look.

Our stand was very cool and blue!

We loaded up the Moffat Trans Am Mustang (after a poll by our Facebook fans chose which car to bring down for the show), and upon arriving we were greeted by a long traffic jam of classic Fords to get into park, with the high seats in the truck you could check them all out and I must say it was the finest traffic jam I have ever been in!

There were a lot of familiar happy faces as we came in and set-up our area. I have to say that the organisers do a great job running the event, from the set-up to organising the different Ford club's participation on the day, as there are a vast variety of cars on show. This combination really makes for a good event for those coming along!


Lots of Ford fans came from all over Brisbane for the day.


Very nice XY GS Fairmost, uisng our products and loaded with all the good options!

Love this XA, which turns up at a lot of the events we do.


With over 1000 RWHP, SUXS NOS it's a lot more than show!

Sierra's were a welcome sight on the day.


Super nice Dick Johnson special.

Lotus Cortina was a nice suprise.


Casey converting yet another Ford fan to a better Aussie product!



Winner of the day for his nice XW GT showcar.

One great thing to see was the high number of cars all using our car care products, with the super positive feedback we are getting from the happy owners. This was really made apparent at the prize giving in the afternoon, with nearly all the winners mentioning they are using our gear... The ones who are not said they have'nt mentioned they are ready for a change, especially as they each went home with one or more of our products anyhow!  Thank you to all those who came up and mentioned this to us, we really value that sort of support.


I was given permission by Casey for a leave pass during the day to leave  the Bowden's tent so I could go perve on a few of the great cars, a lot I had never seen before. Here are just some of the shots I took on the day, you can see a lot more on our Facebook page photo album here.


Love your Fords,