Layering and order of use of our protective products

Author: Brett Hobbs   Date Posted:12 January 2018 

The aim of this article is to remove any confusion surrounding which protective products of ours to use, when to use them, what order to use them in, and how many times you can layer them.

There are 2 types of protective products that we currently make: organic (natural) and synthetic (man made). 

The process for using each product is as follows:

Boss Gloss - best used with The Big Green Sucker for drying the car, or with 2 x Drop Bear cloths or Big Softie cloths for light dust removal or quick touch ups at, or before a car show.

Boss Gloss is more of a quick detail spray for light dust removal or a quick spruce up right before a car show or similar. It’s also excellent with The Big Green Sucker for drying the car. It’s the least protective of all the sprays (besides Clean Detail).


Carnauba Body Wax - best used with the Circle Work pads for application and Big Softie cloths for removal.


Lazy Wax - best used with 2 x Drop Bear cloths for application and removal. Can also be used with Big Softie cloths.

The waxes (Carnauba Body Wax and Lazy Wax) are both organic in nature, in that they are natural products that contain real T1 grade carnauba wax and have no synthetic elements to them. The pros of the organic products are that they provide a warmth and depth to the paint (especially darker colours) that a synthetic simply cannot. The cons of the organic products are that they have a reduced life span in comparison to the synthetics - so by themselves, won’t last as long as the synthetics will.


Fully Slick - best used with 2 x Drop Bear cloths for application and removal. Can also be used with Big Softie cloths.


After Glow - best used with 2 Big Softie cloths; 1 damp and 1 dry.

The synthetic sprays in our line up are: After Glow, Fully Slick and Boss Gloss. The pros of the synthetic products are that they’re harder wearing than the organic products in that they will withstand heat and the elements more sturdily, meaning they will last longer on your paint as protection. The cons of the synthetic products are very few - the only real one being that they can’t quite match the warmth and glow that a natural based carnauba gives to darker coloured paints. However, they still offer exceptional shine and gloss.


Cure times:

Carnauba Body Wax & Lazy Wax - 3-4 hours cure time - used first.

After Glow - 15 minutes cure time - used second or third (no incorrect order)

Fully Slick - 1 hour cure time - used second or third (no incorrect order)

Boss Gloss - Can be layered ontop of straight away.

As mentioned before, if you are pressed for time, or you’re just doing a maintenance wash and want the best protection for your car as quickly as possible; After Glow is the product for you. It’s the most protective product currently in our range and can be layered 2-3 times with a 15 minute cure time between each layer.

We always recommend to wash, clay and cleanse (with Paint Cleanse & Restore) your paint first before you put any of our paint protection products on your paint. This will allow the products the best chance to adhere to the surface and offer the best protection they can.

There are a few things to take into consideration when deciding which products to use for protection and what order to use them in; things such as how much time you have, what cloths you have available and what protection you already have on the car. However, the way we like to do it is to apply the wax first - so Carnauba Body Wax or Lazy Wax, let that cure for 3-4 hours, then layer the synthetics on top - After Glow (let that cure for 15 minutes), then Fully Slick - or, Fully Slick (let that cure for 1 hour), then After Glow. There is no incorrect order to apply these products in. There is a point of diminishing returns with these products and it’s at about 2 layers of Lazy Wax (you wouldn’t layer Carnauba Body Wax) and 3 layers of the synthetics.


All the products in this article can be found in our stockists throughout Australia. Find a link at the very bottom of the webpage to locate your closest one.

If you have any questions, please email me [email protected] or call our office on 1800 351 308.

Happy detailing!

Brett Hobbs

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