Autobarn Sunbury Detailing Demo Night

Date Posted:4 December 2017 

Our Detailing Demo's are fun and informative outdoor demonstrations that are tailored for enthusiasts who want to know more about really looking after their cars with our growing range of car care products. 

Presented by the passionate Dan Bowden, the founder of Bowden's Car Care, giving a personal insight on his Australian made products and how to get the most from each of them, by using them as a complete system to truely care for your car.

This demo night is strongly focused on teaching our Safe Wash System; which uses a combination of purpose made products and techniques to eliminate the creation of common swirls or micro-scratches when washing your car. It also shares some great tips and tricks for quick, safe and easy washing and drying (with After Glow). We'll show you some easy ways for super effective wheel and tyre cleaning as well. 

We then run through our complete paint care system, explaining why we dont make a polish, and how our non abrasive range of paint care will suit you. Starting with Clay Bars vs Clay Towels, then the products we have for paint decontamination, to deep cleansing and shine restoration. Like to know the differences between our protective Carnauba Wax and Synthetic Sealant? We fill you in on layering with different levels of protection, with the best combinations for long term protection. And we finish it with our latest tips for keeping the protection and shine going for the rest of the year.

And we will also add in the much misunderstood "dark art" of getting perfect smear free glass. 

You'll learn a lot of "outside the box" tips and tricks throughout the demonstration, many things that are not written on the bottles labels!

Expect to see a few of the new products we are developing, as well as being able to personally ask any questions to the guys and girls who create, make and live Bowden's Own car care. 

AutObarn in Sunbury is a fantastic supporter, having a massive range of our Aussie products instore for all their local car and bike fantics. You will find us there on Wednesday the 21st of March. We'll start it at 6.00pm, with all car fanatics very welcome to join us!