Effective application 

Start by shaking the bottle well, then apply a 50 cent piece size dollop of Auto Body Cleanser to the surface of a blue edged Circle Work microfibre applicator pad. Smother it over the surface with your finger, leaving no dry sections on the pad.

We also have an orange edged Circle Work applicator pad and matching Big Softie microfibre cloth for using with the wax. Both blue and orange edged cloths and applicators are the same. This is done so you can visually separate the cleanser and wax cloths. Reason being is that the cleanser cleans off any wax. So if there is cleanser and wax on the same cloth you will wreck your whole day! Keep them separated, as you do not want to use the same cloth by mistake when doing the next step of waxing.  

Firstly use the Auto Body Cleanser on a small, inconspicuous area to assess suitability. We have never had a complaint; other than people using the Auto Body Cleanser under the assumption that it would have some real cutting 'oomph'. Make no mistakes; this is the baby shampoo of the paint-cleansing world.