Cleaning Dusty Cars

A three cloth method to stop micro-scratching

If the car is a little bit dustier, use this method to stop the chance of the dust ever scratching your cars paint.

  • Spray the Fully Slick directly onto the paint, just enough so the entire surface is covered in a light mist.
  • Fold the Big Softie microfibre cloth in half, using the plush side.
  • Pull the towel back towards you in a straight line, all the while rolling its surface up and away from the paint. This way you have a clean surface always touching the paint as it pulls the layer of dust away. this technique is one of the single biggest things you can do to help eliminate the chance of the dust micro-scratching the paint.
  • Get a second Big Softie, folded into quarters and then lightly buff the still wet surface in a circular motion.
  • Then straight after, get your third Big Softie or a Drop Bear cloth, fold it into half and buff the surface for a beautiful shiny and slick finish. It's critical that this final cloth is 100% dry to get a perfect finish. Swap it as needed if it starts feeling wet or leaves streaks.

This is how we clean all the cars in our sheds before a tour or show, the safest and best way we have found. We use three new cloths for every car, which is why we literally have hundreds of microfibre cloths on hand! All the cloths come back like new after washing them with the Microfibre Wash, ready for the next time we do a big collection detailing day (which is at least once a month).   

If your car is really dusty, like after a car show held in a dust bowl, have a read of our guide at the bottom of this article that runs through the best ways we have found to remove the dust safely.