Cleaning and Storage

We use a light coloured rubber compound on the towels so it's easy to clean and inspect as you're cleaning. 

To clean after use, gently rub your fingers over the rubber compound surface, either with the wash suds (for while washing) or with our Orange Agent (if used with the Fully Slick). If the surface is looking pretty dirty, we will use the Orange Agent to clean it, just spray into the rubber medium, let it sit for a minute, agitate by running your hand around it and then rise off in water. 

Over time you will notice grime bond more to the rubber compound, and this is normal. It is not at a level high enough to ever affect any surface you are cleaning, but as it builds up the towel does lose its effectiveness and once full, it's time to swap it over for a new one. From our own testing here in our collection, this can be between 20 to 50 uses. It all depends on how high the level on contamination is on the paint. 

For drying, don’t EVER wring it out!! Always let it air dry indoors, in a well ventilated area, away from heaters or direct sun (heat will affect the rubber surface), so a small drying rack indoors is what we have found best.   

Once it's dry, roll it up with the rubber compound on the inside and store in a cool and dry location inside its plastic packaging.