Clean your wheels first

Always do any car washing in the shade, with the paint cool to the touch for best results. Not doing this can cause water and the washes evaporating faster than you'd like and straling or leaving water spots on the glass and the paint.

We like to start by cleaning our wheels first, as they are generally the dirtiest part of the car. And the grime off them is not what you want going onto your freshly washed car. Also, its more time efficient to wash after wards, so you dont have the rinse water sitting on your cars panels for a longer perid after washing. 

We've always liked using pressure washers to help detail our cars, and they help a heap with wheel cleaning. If you don’t have a pressure washer, and you’re using a hose, or your wheels needed some extra cleaning after the pressure washer, Grab your dedicated black Wheels bucket, and the Rinse bucket putting the grit guards in the both of them. Fill the Rinse bucket up first and the fill the Wheel Bucket 1/2 way with water. Add two capfuls of any of our our car washes and then continue filling it to the top. Get the buckets situated next to the first wheel you are going to clean. 

Grab the bottle of Wheely Clean and spray 4-5 sprays all around the surface of the wheel. Using your desired Wheel Woolie or wheel brush, dip it into the Wheels bucket mixture and wash the wheel face and dish thoroughly. Rinse the dirty brushes out in the rinse bucket to clean off the grime and dirt and then go back to the Wheel Bucket and continue cleaning. This will keep your wash water clean and effective. Once you're happy the wheel is all clean, rinse it clean with your pressure washer or hose and move onto the next wheel. Continue this procedure on each wheel till the job is done.