Using the faster and easier Clay Towels

Our new Clay Towels

Our new Clay Towels clean and decontaminate your cars' painted surfaces in half the time of regular clay bars. Read all about them here. 

Faster, Better, Easier

True car lovers are always searching for the best products to help give their car a great shine in less time. The new Bowden’s Own Clay Towel re-writes the rule book on paint care, in the way it quickly and safely removes above surface contaminants like; old bugs, embedded dirt, metal particles, paint oxidisation and paint overspray, through the use of advanced polymerised rubber technology. Best of all, this new material removes all these potentially destructive paint contaminants faster and easier than you ever imagined possible.

A new level of clean

In the 1990’s, clay bars quickly became an essential step in most peoples' car care regime, as it was understood that the cleaner the paint, the better wax, sealant or coatings would bond to it. Mild abrasives are blended into all clay bars to help remove bonded contaminants easily as they get rubbed over a lubricated surface. The new Clay Towel takes this same type of paint cleaning and decontamination to a whole new level by applying 21st century technology to it. The Clay Towel is essentially a microfibre towel with a high-tech polymerised rubber coating applied to one side. This polymerised rubber grabs all the above surface contaminants and pulls them quickly off the surface, leaving you with beautiful and smooth, contaminant-free paint. And if you’re a car enthusiast, you should know that shiny comes from having smooth and clean paint!

The reason they are so much faster is the surface area, with the orginal clay bars falling well short of the area of a clay towels surface, that is about 6 times larger (as you can see in the image with the yellow clay bar on a towel on the right).

Since we first got them a couple of years ago, we have found them a lot faster and easier to use, in fact it's now a rare occasion we ever go back to using the clay bars anymore. 

Longer Lasting

Depending on how contaminated the surface is, a traditional clay bar will yield 10-20 uses, and the Clay Towel will provide between 30 to 50 uses, making it far more cost effective over the long run.

One of the best features of the Clay Towel is that if you drop it on the ground, you don’t toss it out like you would a clay bar. Simply rinse it off with your car wash or a citrus based cleaner like our Orange Agent and it's ready for action once again. These towels use a new light coloured polymer, so it’s easy to find and remove any damaging particles in them. Over time the Clay Towels compound will slowly fill up, and thats when you will notice its effectiveness decline and you will need to change it. 

Two Versions - Fine and Medium

There are two grades of these towels: a white coloured Fine Grade for regular use on well kept vehicles that have light contamination, and a purple coloured Medium Grade, for occasional use on cars that suffer from heavier paint contamination or overspray. 

The Bowden’s Own Clay Towel is for anyone who wants ‘easy to use’ car care, as you can see when using it with either washing, or with a lubricating detailing spray below.

For fast use while washing


Wash your car using our Auto Body Gel, Wax Wash or Nanolicious Wash, then rinse it clean.



Create a lubricating suds solution, by adding two capfuls of our wash into 5 litres of water.



Work on small areas at a time, like 1/4 of a bonnet, or 1/2 the roof or boot. For the very first time you use of the towel, it’s good to start on the windscreen to help “break in” the cloths' polymer coating. 

To get extra suds to the car, get either a non scratching Muffy sponge or our Love Glove (which we prefer as it's a lesser chance of dropping) at the ready. Dip it and the Clay Towel in the suds solution. Take the suds to the car with the Love Glove to really make sure the surface area is wet with the lubricating suds. 



With your hand on the microfibre side of the towel, apply to the surface with little to no hand pressure. Use a smooth side to side motion, then change to an up and down movement. You will hear and feel resistance on dirtier areas, which will disappear once it’s clean and smooth. Be real sure you don’t use the towel outside the lubricated area!



Once the Clay Towel moves smoothly over the surface, rinse down with water and move onto a new section. Inspect and hand clean the Clay Towel with the wash suds between sections. 



To avoid water spotting, keep the car wet till you’re done, then chamois/drying towel it dry. Your paint is now super clean and smooth, ready for the next steps of cleansing and waxing.

Using with Detailing Sprays

For those who don’t clean their cars with water, the Clay Towels can be used with detailing sprays as well.


Step 1

Clean the area down you're going to be using the Clay Towel on. Spray the Fully Slick or Boss Gloss sprays onto the surface and buff off with a dry and clean microfibre cloth like our Big Softie. Work in small sections at a time, like 1/3 of a bonnet, a guard or door. 


Step 2

Spray another fine mist of the detailing spray down as the lubricant on the area you will be working on. Be real sure you don’t use the clay towel outside the lubricated area. 


Step 3

Then spray two sprays into the Clay Towel surface and apply to the car surface with your hand on the microfibre side of the towel. Apply to the surface with little to no hand pressure. Use a smooth side to side motion, then change to an up and down movement. You will hear and feel resistance on dirtier areas, which will disappear once it’s clean and smooth. 


Step 4

Once your towel is free moving, remove it from the surface and then use the Big Softie microfibre cloth to buff the area dry and clean. Repeat the process on each panel, till the car is done. 


Step 5

Your paint is now super clean and smooth, ready for the next steps of cleansing and waxing.

Cleaning and Storage

We use a light coloured rubber compound on the towels so it's easy to clean and inspect as you're cleaning. 

To clean after use, gently rub your fingers over the rubber compound surface, either with the wash suds (for while washing) or with our Orange Agent (if used with the Fully Slick). If the surface is looking pretty dirty, we will use the Orange Agent to clean it, just spray into the rubber medium, let it sit for a minute, agitate by running your hand around it and then rise off in water. 

Over time you will notice grime bond more to the rubber compound, and this is normal. It is not at a level high enough to ever affect any surface you are cleaning, but as it builds up the towel does lose its effectiveness and once full, it's time to swap it over for a new one. From our own testing here in our collection, this can be between 20 to 50 uses. It all depends on how high the level on contamination is on the paint. 

For drying, don’t EVER wring it out!! Always let it air dry indoors, in a well ventilated area, away from heaters or direct sun (heat will affect the rubber surface), so a small drying rack indoors is what we have found best.   

Once it's dry, roll it up with the rubber compound on the inside and store in a cool and dry location inside its plastic packaging.

Any questions?

You can find our Clay Towels at Autobarn and Supercheap Auto stores nationwide. 

We love using them and if you have any questions about them, please drop me a email or call our office on 1800 351 308

Love your car,

Dan Bowden

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Fully Slick

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Clay Towel - Medium Grade

Clay Towel - Medium Grade

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Clay Towel Pack

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Clay Towel - Fine Grade

Clay Towel - Fine Grade

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