Cleaning Kamikaze bug marks from your car.

Date Posted:22 October 2013 

For anyone who has done any long drive around Australia, one of the biggest issues is the amount of bugs that go kamikaze over the front of your car, leaving one hell of a mess that can be a real pain to clean. Cleaning away the marks should be a good and easy job with a bit of help from the right products in our range.



An important thing to remember is that these strike marks need to be cleaned off as soon as possible, as the bugs slowly decompose they have some nasty acids in them. Which means if they are left on the paint surface too long, it can badly damage and etch into the surface.  It can become a very big job then to remove those marks and is usually best done by a professional with a machine polishing system. So clean them off before it gets to this!




The Love Glove wash mitt or Muffy Sponge, a Dirty Deeds, our Auto Body Gel and Ta Ta Tar spray, a hose and a bucket (or two if you're not using a hose).


Wet the bug affected areas of the car down, to get some moisture back into the bugs. We find if they are dry, they are harder to remove. Some people like to use a pressure washer for this job, but we are not the biggest fan as the bug remains can get pushed back into the grill of the car, not to mention under the bonnet into the engine bay, meaning more cleaning to do later, in areas that are very difficult to access. A hose, or even buckets poured over the area to be cleaned is enough.


Get a concentrated wash solution together, with two caps full of the Auto Body Gel added to a half full bucket of water. Then using either the Muffy sponge, or our Love Glove (Which I prefer as it can get into areas around the grill a lot easier) to clean it down. This alone will do a pretty good job at removing the bugs, but it will not be enough to get it perfect.  For perfection we need to look at cleaning off the more stubborn marks with our Ta Ta Tar cleaner. And if it is real extreme, you may need to use the Fine Clay Bar to pull them off.


If this is the first time you have used the Ta Ta Tar product on your car, we strongly ask that you test it on any soft plastic areas, like the grill, bumpers and headlights for suitability, just spray a small amount onto an inconspicuous area and let it sit for 30 seconds to a minute, watching it closely to ensure it will be safe. We do our utmost to ensure it will be, and for most cars there are no issues, but we have found some newer Asian built cars are now using a cheaper plastic in their lenses and it can affect them. We do not recommend using the Ta Ta Tar on any motorbike fairings either, as the under stress curved sections of the thin palstic can be affected. Just use the washing and Clean Detail method as I mention below, for these types of plastic.


So starting with the Ta Ta Tar, rinse the freshly washed panel off with fresh water, let it sit for another minute and then liberally spray the Ta Ta Tar product over the still wet, affected panels once again. Let the product sit for about a minute then get the dirty deeds (this is a great cloth we make, for the more intense cleaning jobs with liquids around the car) fold the cloth into quarters and rub off the remaining marks on the car. Keep turning the cloth to a clean side when doing this. Rinse the cloth out in fresh water and wipe over the front again, before finally rinsing the panel clean with fresh water.




If you have not had a chance to clean the bugs off your car for quite some time after and the bugs have become quite dry /strongly bonded onto the paint after the above procedures, you will need to look at using our Fine Clay Bar to remove them.


For using the Fine Clay Bar, get a bottle of our Clean Detail, working on a small section at a time, spray it onto the washed and chamoised panels. Then gently rub the clay on the paint in a circular motion, back and forth over the bugs, making sure there is plenty of lubrication there with the liquid from the Clean Detail.  You will feel the clay begin to glide more easy over the paint, as it cleans the bugs off. Knead and fold the clay often so, it's a clean section of clay, on the paint in each new section you work on. Read more about using our Clay Bar by clicking here.


What we suggest after this is to chamois dry the front of the car and get some of the Auto Body Cleanser and give it a loving coat, and follow it up with the protective Auto Body Wax after that. This will not only get the front end looking like new again, but will also make it easier to clean the bugs off next time around.



If you just have a few light bugs marks and they are pretty fresh, it's always good to remember that you can clean them off using the Clean Detail with a microfibre buffing cloth. Just spray the bug marks, let it sit for 10 seconds and wipe clean. This is also good on many more delicate plastic areas and headlights as well. We keep a bottle of this product in the car with a cloth for this reason, as well as for cleaning off bird poop too. It's also good to know that doing it this way will not remove any of the protective wax on your car.




I hope this article has helped. You can also watch our quick video on this above, with me cleaning the ute after a recent trip to Bathurst for the big October 1000km race. Each road trip we do, I fall in love with the Ta Ta Tar, as it does such an effective job. I hope you get exactly the same result we always do!


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Love your car,
Dan Bowden