Layering and order of use of our protective products

12 January 2018  Brett Hobbs  

The aim of this article is to remove any confusion surrounding which protective products of ours to use, when to use them, what order to use them in, and how many times you can layer them. Our protective products contain no cleaners, so they will not remove the product you've just put on - this makes them perfect for layering. Layering the products up is important because it builds up layers of protection to protect your paint from the elements and makes your vehicle easier to wash. Cure time is the amount of time to leave the product before applying the next one.


There are 2 types of protective products that we currently make: organic and synthetic.



The waxes (Carnauba Body Wax and Lazy Wax) are both organic - they contain T1 grade carnauba wax and have no synthetic elements to them. The pros of the organic products are that they provide a warmth and depth to the paint (especially darker colours) that a synthetic simply cannot. The cons of the organic products are that they have a reduced life span in comparison to the synthetics - so by themselves, won’t last as long as the synthetics will. This is why we layer the synthetic products over the top of the waxes, so that the wax lasts longer. If you have a flat white car that has no metallic in the paint, you can skip the wax stage and go straight to the synthetic products.



Carnauba Body Wax - best used with the Circle Work pads for application and Big Softie cloths for removal. We put Carnauba Body Wax on after we've used the Paint Cleanse & Restore for best results. It has a cure time of 4 hours. Best topped with Fully Slick.



Lazy Wax - best used with 2 x Drop Bear cloths for application and removal. Can also be used with Big Softie cloths. It has a cure time of 4 hours and can be layered up to 2 times. Best topped with Fully Slick.



The synthetic sprays in our line up are: Boss Gloss, Fully Slick & After Glow. The pros of the synthetic products are that they’re harder wearing than the organic products in that they will withstand heat and the elements more sturdily, meaning they will last longer on your paint as protection. They also do a great job of protecting the wax and helping it last longer. The cons of the synthetic products are very few - the only real one being that they can’t quite match the warmth and glow that a carnauba wax gives to darker coloured paints. However, they still offer exceptional shine and gloss.



Boss Gloss - best used with The Big Green Sucker for drying the car, or with 2 x Drop Bear cloths or Big Softie cloths for light dust removal or quick touch ups at, or before a car show.

Boss Gloss is a quick detail spray for light dust removal or a quick spruce up right before a car show or similar. It’s also excellent with The Big Green Sucker for drying the car. It’s the least protective of all the sprays, which is why we recommend the following 2 products for protection.



Fully Slick - best used with 2 x Drop Bear cloths for application and removal. Can also be used with Big Softie cloths. It can be layered up to 2 times, with a 1 hour cure time between applications. It's more protective than Boss Gloss, but not as protective as After Glow. Fully Slick will leave a super slick finish to your paint.



After Glow - best used with 2 Big Softie cloths; 1 damp and 1 dry. It can be layered up to 2 times with a 15 minute cure time between each layer. Contains anti static technology to help repel dust. After Glow is unique in that it is used as a dedicated drying aid that gives a good boost to protection and shine.


We always recommend to wash, clay and cleanse (with Paint Cleanse & Restore) your paint first before you put any of our paint protection products on. This will allow the products the best chance to adhere to the surface and offer the best protection they can.

We break cars up into 3 basic categories - daily driven, weekend cars and show cars. Here are our own recommendations for each category.


Our recommendations:


Daily driven car: 

  • 2 coats of Fully Slick (Lazy Wax first if you like)

Weekend car:

  • 1 coat of Lazy Wax
  • 2 coats of Fully Slick

Show car:

  • 1 coat of Carnauba Body Wax or Lazy Wax


The bottom line

It doesn't matter what order you layer the Lazy Wax, or Fully Slick in, as they're all water based and will work together perfectly. We prefer to use Lazy Wax first, then Fully Slick last to protect the wax.


All the products in this article can be found in our stockists throughout Australia. Find a link at the very bottom of the webpage to locate your closest one.

If you have any questions, please email or FREECALL our office on 1800 351 308.

Happy detailing!

Brett Hobbs

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after glow

By: on 21 May 2020
This product is amazing.We own a 2015 toyota corolla and it still looks new.People often comment on how good the car still looks and i have to admit it stays out in the weather. I only say one word BOWDENS.

Award Winning Result

By: on 27 May 2019
I entered my Alfa Romeo GIulietta QV into a Show'n Shine and won a trophy for it's class. There was a lot of competition on the day but the products really made the car stand out. I used the Paint Cleanse and Restore, Lazy Wax followed by Fully Slick and finally Boss Gloss on the day and the results were truly award winning. After years of purchasing off the shelf products car care products, I can honestly say that these products give excellent results. Thanks to the great products and advice from Bowden's Own. Thanks heaps !

So good to use :-)

By: on 26 June 2018
We just bought an SUV that hasn't had a lot of care over the last 5 years and was looking a bit sad. Following a Paint Cleanse and Restore and then Carnauba Body Wax the car is almost unrecognisable. The dull, cream coloured paint work has gone back to arctic white with a really good shine - great products and easy to use to get outstanding results ta

After glow

By: on 10 May 2018
Been using this on my S Series valiant and 67 Mustang 390 coupe , wow it is an amazing product.


By: on 16 April 2018
I need to print this and chuck it up on the wall. You're the best Brett!

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