Snow Blow Cannon Disassembly

Author: Brett Hobbs   Date Posted:19 December 2016 

A quick guide for taking apart your Snow Blow Cannon.

In the event that your Snow Blow Cannon isn’t producing the foam it should be, there’s a chance there might be some debris stuck inside the cannon, or the snow foam mixture has started to solidify inside the cannon, stopping the airflow. This article will guide you through the disassembly of the cannon, common areas to look for stuck debris and how to clean the cannon out effectively using Orange Agent.

The first thing we should do is give the whole internal system of the cannon a thorough clean out. We do this with Orange Agent to break down any solution residue inside the cannon internals. Put 100 ml of water into your cannon, followed by another 100 ml of Orange Agent. Hook the Cannon up to your pressure washer and run this solution through your cannon until it’s all gone. Then, put another 200 ml of fresh water into the cannon and run this through the cannon too. 

If after performing this process your cannon still isn't functioning correctly, and you've ruled out all possible problems with the pressure washer, then move onto the following steps. Please be advised that this should be a last resort and all care should be taken while undertaking this procedure.

The tools you’ll need are:

  • Shifter / 24mm Spanner x 2

  • Socket Wrench with 10mm socket

  • Phillips Head & Flat Head screwdrivers

  • Small screwdriver/Allen Key

  • Multigrips

  • Paperclip





















Complete Snow Blow Cannon prior to disassembly. (Pictured is the Karcker K Series adapter with the cannon)

















Starting disassembly:


Step 1: Start by unscrewing the pressure washer attachment.

















Step 2: Unscrew the Phillips head screw in the top of the blue dial and take the clear plastic tube off the bottom of the unit.

















Step 3: Use the Shifter to unscrew the small piece that was left when you removed the pressure washer attachment.

















Step 4: Once this is removed, inside the next piece is a lug nut that can be removed with a Flat Head screwdriver. Carefully inspect this piece, as it's an area where debris can become lodged, effecting the Snow Blow Cannon's ability to make good foam.
























































































Step 5: Get the 10mm Socket and undo the small connection piece in the end where you removed the plastic tube from. Also check this section for any stuck debris. It's a good idea to use a paperclip or similar to push through this small hole to clear any possible debris blocking the air hole. 
















































































Step 6: We need to remove the blue fan nozzle attachment from the end. You will see a small locking pin towards the end of the blue plastic piece. Push the pin through with your Allen Key/Small Screwdriver.

































Step 7: Once this is out, the blue plastic piece will slide off the front.

















Step 8: Near the black metal part that was revealed, unscrew this piece with the 24mm Spanners or your Shifter. Inside you will find a small metal filter. Take this filter out and thoroughly inspect it for any debris, and also give it a good clean in some Orange Agent, blow it out with some air if you can, then dry it and put it back in. Also check the hole underneath where the metal filter was.

































Step 9: Unscrew the last piece from the main section of the unit using the 24mm Spanners again, turning them in opposite directions to crack the seal. Once this is done, check the openings for any obvious debris. You can also lube the black O-Ring prior to re-assembly if you were so inclined.
























Step 10: This is now the cannon completely disassembled. 






























Step 11: At this stage, feel free to clean any plumbers tape debris from the threads and then re-apply thread tape and sealant as needed. Put the cannon back together in the reverse order that you just took it apart in.


Your cannon should now be completely clean and free from any debris. If you’ve followed these steps, and your cannon appears to be free from internal debris, and still isn’t functioning correctly, please email us - and we will endeavour to resolve the issue for you.



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I fixed it

By: on 22 July 2018
My unit stopped foaming and after following these instructions I discovered some dirt clogged up in the small pin hole. After cleaning - all back to normal again!

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