DJR RS 500 Cosworth - "Sierra"

The Briefs 

"Ruby" 1988 DJR RS 500 Sierra

A fiery little racer.
Engine Type: 
DOHC Cosworth
Number of Cylinders: 
Engine Capacity: 
Fuel injected with a big ass turbo
Horse Power: 
Transmission Type: 
Getrag 5-speed
Number of Gears: 
5 speed
Front Suspension Type: 
Independent coils, adjustable shocks, oversize sway bar
Rear Suspension Type: 
Independent coils, adjustable shocks
Front Brake Type: 
Rear Brake Type: 
Wheel Type: 
DJR Gold
Tyre Type: 


This fiery little racer is renowned for being a handful, but if you're a fan of Dick, you'll never forget Sierra's dominant performances during the 1988 and '89 ATCC's.



A familiar sight for Dick's rivals, Sierra has one of the most recognisable (and arguably gorgeous) rear ends in motorsport history. 



If you think you have what it takes to handle the intensity of Sierra (and maybe live out your boy racer fantasies), we can make that happen. Just fill out the booking form below and let the fun begin. 

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