Rejuvenating smooth, non-textured exterior plastics

Why do my plastics do this?

Over time, the UV radiation from the sun breaks down the pigment in the plastics, leaving a greyish tinge to the plastic, and will leave an uneven and unattractive plastic side mirror, pillar etc. It’s extremely common to see this in our Aussie climate, but thankfully, it’s easy to fix also!

Types Of Plastics

It’s important with this method that you only use the Paint Cleanse & Restore on certain types of plastic. Make sure the plastic is a hard, smooth, (once) shiny, non-textured type of plastic.

Don’t try this with any textured or “dimply” exterior plastics or rubbers.

How do I fix it?

Fixing it couldn’t be easier than with our Paint Cleanse & Restore; a non abrasive, oil based cleanser that is engineered to chemically clean embedded dirt, contamination and other oils from the surface of your paint, but it’s also extremely effective at restoring smooth/shiny external plastics to a like-new condition.

Follow these simple steps to restore those faded plastics and maintain it with our protective detailing sprays.

Step 1.

Clean the area thoroughly. We recommend to use one of our washes; Auto Body Gel, Nanolicious Wash or Wax Wash, or you can clean the area with our SubLime Clean. Be sure to dry the area thoroughly too.

Step 2.

Grab a Circle Work pad and the Paint Cleanse & Restore. Put a dollop the size of a 50c piece into the middle of the pad and work it around with your fingers to prime and cover the pads surface, so there are no dry spots. 

Gently work the product into the plastic up and down, side to side and small circles, cleaning the surface, to ensure you don’t miss any spots. You will see the results immediately as the product begins to clean and repair the plastic.


Step 3.

Wipe off any excess product with a folded Big Softie microfibre cloth, turned to the low pile side.

Step 4.

Seal the plastic with our Fully Slick spray or Lazy Wax. Spray 3-4 sprays of Fully Slick into a Big Softie or Drop Bear microfibre cloth and work the product into the plastic until you’ve achieved good coverage for protection. Buff off any remaining residue with a second clean and dry Big Softie or Drop Bear.

All done!

Step back now and admire your handy work. This technique will have you looking like a professional with the results you can achieve. Be sure to periodically re-apply Fully Slick to the plastics every couple washes as part of your regular washing regime.


If you have any questions about this article please feel free to email our car care team at or call on 1800 351 308

Happy Detailing,

Brett Hobbs