Doing the wheels

Always do any car washing in the shade, with the paint cool to the touch for best results. Not doing this can cause the water and the wash suds to evaporate faster than you'd like, possibly leading to water spots on the glass and paint!

We've always liked using pressure washers to help detail our cars, and they help a lot with wheel cleaning. If you don’t have a pressure washer, and you’re using a hose, or your wheels needed some extra cleaning after the pressure washer, grab the dedicated Wheels bucket (place a Great Barrier Thingy in it if you like). Add half a capful of any of our car washes and then fill it to the desired level and suds it up using the hose or pressure washer. Get the bucket situated next to the first wheel you are going to clean.

For wheel face and under guard cleaning we always use the Big Black One and Little Chubby brushes with a capful of any of our lubricating washes in the dedicated Wheels Bucket. It's great to use in conjunction with our Wheely Clean and Orange Agent, to help get a totally perfect, no fuss clean. Grab the bottle of Wheely Clean and spray 6-8 sprays all around the surface of the wheel and allow 30 seconds to 1 minute for the product to turn purple as it reacts with the brake dust on your wheels. Then, dip your brush in the bucket and take the wash mixture to the wheels or inner guards. The bristle density means the brushes will suck up and transfer heaps of suds, for an even more fantastic clean. After running the brush over the area, bring it back to the bucket and thrash it about, before going again on the next section you need to clean. Rinse the wheels off with a strong jet of water and then with both brushes in the bucket you move onto your next wheel, till the job's all done.

Grab your Flat Head brush and dip it in the wash suds solution, take it to the wheel and begin cleaning the inside barrel at the top of the wheel. Work your way in one direction around the wheel in and out of the spokes, dipping the brush back into the suds solution as needed, to clean the brush out and get more wash suds as you go. Be sure to get in behind the brake caliper - this is a great feature of this brush with the flat and flexible end.

Now is a really good time to spray Wet Dreams on the wheels to add protection and make them easier to clean next time around. Spray 6-8 sweeping sprays around the wheel, then immediately pressure wash or hose it off thoroughly.

If you're cleaning really dirty or mud caked wheels, it's recomended to use a two bucket method with both the Wheels Bucket and a separate Rinse Bucket as well, rinsing the grit and grime from the brushes in the Rinse Bucket before putting them back into the Wheels wash mix. This really helps keep your wash water clean and grit free as you do all four wheel arches and wheels. Be sure to wash and wipe out the Rinse Bucket if you'll be later using it with the Wash Bucket on your cars paint. 

Once you're done, rinse the brushes out in fresh water and hang them by the hooks on the handle ends with the bristles facing outwards, or place them in the Wheels Bucket with the brushes facing outwards or upwards, to not disfigure them. If they do ever get a bit mashed down or up by mistake, just run hot water over the bristles with them facing downwards to help regain their shape.