Playing it safe on lightly dusty cars

If your car has light dust on it, we've always used this method to help prevent the dust from micro-scratching our cars paint. We use this technique with both Fully Slick and Boss Gloss (Our detailing spray) for detailing all the classic cars inside our sheds before a tour or show and for when we are at outside car shows as well.  

  • Spray the Fully Slick directly onto the paint, do half a bonnet or roof, one door etc at a time. You want it well misted on there so the entire surface is covered and therefore well lubricated by the Fully Slick
  • Get a plush Drop Bear microfibre cloth and fold it in half
  • Apply to the car with this method; Pull the towel back towards you in a straight line, all the while rolling its surface up and away from the paint. This way you have a clean microfibre surface always touching the paint as it pulls the layer of dust away. This simple technique is one of the single biggest things you can do to help eliminate the chance of the dust micro-scratching the paint. Turn and fold to a clean side of the cloth for the next pass, this way you get 4 passes per cloth, before replacing it for a new one. 
  • Get a second dry Drop Bear cloth, again folded in half and then lightly buff the still lightly wet surface in a gentle side to side motion.
  • Then straight after, get a 3rd and final Drop Bear cloth, folded into half and gently buff the surface for a beautiful shiny and slick finish. It's critical that this final cloth is 100% dry to get a perfect finish. Swap it as needed if it starts feeling wet/  begins to leave any streaks.

It takes between 5 to 6 cloths to do a single car with this method, depending on its size and dirt level, which is why we literally have hundreds of Drop Bear cloths on hand in the shed! After use, we bring them all back like new by washing them with the Microfibre Wash, and then tumble drying, before folding and putting into a sealable storage tub, ready for the next time we do a big collection detailing day (which is at least once every few months).   

If your car is really dusty, like after a car show held in a dust bowl, blow the car down with compressed air or a blower first. Have a read of our guide at the bottom of this article that runs in greater detail (with a video) on removing the dust safely.