Step 4

Our Anti Mould Barrier 

After the mould is cleaned off, we then go to a new product of ours, which we developed some years ago and have never released to the public, as we didn't think there was much of a call for it. However with all the feedback we are hearing in the last month we could be wrong… 

Basically this product is a new type of antibacterial treatment that helps with preventing mould. We all call it Anti Mould, but it's really so much more. Our chemists describe the way it works by; "It bonds to the treated surface, then physically pierces and disrupts the electrical component of the microbial cell membrane through physical and ionic means, thus destroying them before they reach the surface" Sounds very much like something from the Matrix to me. I say it just kills the bad things that try to come and live on any treated surface. Our own observations after all the testing is that it dramatically slows mould from growing back once the area is clean with either Vinyl Care (for plastic, rubber and vinyl surfaces) or the Leather Love (obviously for Leather). We find it gives great long term protection, depending on the environmental conditions - our wet months need a bit more work than the dry ones. In our tests, it doubles the protection over just a normal clean of a mould infested area. So we believe it's well worth our while to use it after each cleaning job. Most importantly it's non toxic, in that it doesn't use biocide poisons, so prevalent in other mould preventative formulas. It's great to use on fabrics, seat belts and cloth inserts - we just wipe them clean and spray the Anti Mould direct to the area, then leave it to air dry. Note that if you have used a fabric protectant, the Anti Mould will not work, as it cannot bond to the fabric surface. It's also not suitable for Suede, Alcantra, Nubuck or waxed/oiled leather type finishes. 

This new product is not a mould killer/cleaner, it just bonds to the surface it's used on and creates a permeable barrier that prevents anything microbial from being able to live on or infest it, including dust mites, mildew and bacteria. Another good use for it is if you're having allergy issues inside your car as it stops any of the bacteria being able to grow, thus making it a better place with less sneezes and sniffles.  

It has no harmful effects to leather, vinyl, plastic, timber, cloth, glass, fibreglass, metal and other materials. Once sprayed onto the surface and dried, it will bond there and will not leech or transmigrate to other eareas, like your clothing or skin.

Using Anti Mould 

It is essential that before you use the Anti Mould that you use the cleaning products to remove any mould first. If you use it before the area is properly cleaned, you will find the resilient mould spores will just grow back there as quickly as before. 

It's very quick and simple to use. On hard surfaces, just spray it into a clean microfibre applicator pad then wipe it all over the already cleaned surface your're treating, making sure not to miss any areas as the mould could begin growing back there. Leave it a few minutes to dry and wipe away any excess with a clean microfibre cloth. As mentioned above, for cloth or fabric, just evenly spray the Anti Mould from about 20cm above the already cleaned surface and allow to air dry.

Keep the interior areas clean and well maintained with the respective leather and vinyl cleaners, especially in the wetter, more humid months. This will help control any mould outbreaks by eliminating anything new for it to grow on. 

Our Anti Mould product is currently not in any of our stores, but if you would like to get some please drop us an email and we can look into getting you some of our own private stash we use on the cars in the collection.