Other Uses

Although this product is not a detailing spray, it can also be also used on a car that is not wet. With the same technique as above, you can use it on dry, clean cars to add extra shine and protection. I like to use it this way and add another layer of protection after drying. Simply spray After Glow into a damp Big Softie cloth, then apply as when wet, then buff off a minute or so later with a dry, clean Big Softie cloth. Of all our range it’s the best for using on your wheels as well, as it leaves a great protective shine. After Glow is pH neutral, so you can safely use it on top of your existing wax, sealant or any other paint protection coating too.

Use After Glow as a quick an easy 1 step before a car show. Simply wash the car, then dry it using After Glow to get that awesome shine and gloss, without the extra steps of other waxes and sealants.