Leave it to Beaker

Our lead chemist “Beaker”, isolated the three items which were causing the reaction with the brake dust. It was found that there were a number of different ways it could be formulated with chemicals a lot more effective and safer than the overseas hair care product knock-offs. He also managed to add a few trick, gentle cleaning ingredients, including a degreasing agent, plus a gelant wetter to make it spread better, not dry as quickly, and stay thicker to allow better penetration time on the side of the rims. It took about a year of work, with dozens of subtly different batches made to trial in different conditions, with the one we have in production now being judged by ourselves and other hard core enthusiasts/elite professionals to be the winner. Best of all we now get all the ingredients for this product locally, so she is 100% all Aussie!


Not acid, not alkaline, so what is it?

Our Wheely Clean is a revolutionary type of cleaner that utilises a chemical reaction with metal oxide/brake dust that changes its state to a water-soluble complex, for easy removal with a hose. It will do about 80% of the cleaning job for you on really dusty wheels and close to 95% or more if used weekly on a daily driver. With its active degreasing ingredients, it also does a great job at removing built up road grime you can expect on any wheels. It is pH balanced and contains no acid or alkaline ingredients, so it's safe for all wheels including painted, alloy, anodised, chromed, clear coated, powder coated, aluminium, stainless, billet - the list goes on!!