Meet the Team


Our passion is what makes the difference

It's now 19 years since we started creating our own products and today we have an extended Bowden family, made up from passionate people that share our vision – Helping people care for their cars with an Australian car care range they can trust. 

If you need to contact us on anything about our car care, or our cars, this is the devoted team you will be talking with from our shed. Please feel free to make contact via email, a phone call or ask a question on our social media pages. 



Dan Bowden

Founder and Fanatic

Dan is the elder of the two brothers and the resident perfectionist. Proudly pedantic, he loves spending hours testing and evaluating all the different car care products our chemists custom make for us. Dan prides himself on the presentation of the collections cars, a true perfectionist Virgo, he likes them to be immaculate. In a nutshell, Dan is our quality control man for everything that goes on here.

He also brings to life and names all our products, talks underwater with marbles at the detailing demo's and is the lead car washer for the team at Bowden's Own. The rare times he is not working in the shed, he can found cruising in his much loved 1964 Falcon Sprint or 1976 HX Sandman panelvan, surfing, mt biking, cleaning his mt bike, fixing his mt bike, or at the track in one of the collections different cars.


Call him during business hours - 1800 351 308  

Stalk him on both Instagram and Facebook Bowden's Own accounts.

Chris Bowden

Racing Fanatic and Founder

The younger of the two brothers, Chris spent years consulting friends and peers about locating, researching, purchasing and restoring, classic race and road cars. After enough positive acknowledgments within Australia’s car loving community, Chris spent some time with some of the UK, USA and Australia’s best in the classic car industry, to get a grounding for the trade. With his savvy sense of marketing, an innate knowledge of the cars in the family collection and an overwhelming passion for historic cars, he possesses the winning combination needed for realising the true value of any rare vehicle. He is the benevolent overlord at Ecurie Bowden, which is all about putting your money into buying the things that make you happy! Have a good look at his website, full of the best stuff to keep your happiness hight, and intact.  

Email Chris: 

Ecurie Bowden website:

Facebook as well: Ecurie Bowden


Product Specialist and Snow Blow Cannon adapter guru. 

Brett is one of the local professional detailers who would help Dan test and develop many of his new products, he's super passionate about car care and loves the process of creating a product with Dan and the team of chemists. He has run Diamond Cut Detailing in Nambour for the last 8 years, but now leads our customer service team at Bowdens Own, helping with technical articles, detailing demo's, photo and video shoots and running the fun Facebook Detailers Group. Outside of work he's a gym and boxing junkie, as well as being another car frother. His super soft spot is for the more modern performance classics like EVO Mitsubishi's, GTR Nissans and his bright blue Kia Stinger.

Contact Brett weekdays on 1800 351 308 or email 


Product Specialist and Land Rover repair expert

Gareth is a newer addition to our team, helping Brett with the large amount of inquiries we get about our Aussie car care. He is a happiest when in the natural position of underneath his Land Rover. Has also been known to love things in their correct order, intensive cannon cleaning and not being in the Instagram stories of Dan. Gareth will be one of the best here to give you great advice on using our car care.

Call 1800 351 308 or email him on


Orders and Customer Service

Matt looks after the individual store special orders as well as internet orders, so if you are wondering where your parcel is, this is the fellow you'll be having a yap with. He was a professional detailer for many years here on the Sunshine Coast, which helps with the numerous customer enquiries we receive each day. He's also a volunteer firefighter, enjoys giving CPR demos and is a very avid 4X4'er that sees him spending his spare time in the great outdoors, either up the beach or his favourite location, deep in the bush. 

Contact him weekdays on 1800 351 308 or email


Events and Car Fanatic 

Coming from a great family of fanatical rev heads, Reeana is a very natural fit for Bowden's Own. She has been with us for quite some time now and has evolved into managing all our car shows and events. On top of this, she helps everywhere throughout the business with her awesome ability for pouncing directly onto and fixing any issues, fast! When she's not in our shed, you'll always see her at car shows, VW and classic car cruises and our many different car events. 

Contact her on 1800 351 308 or email


Events and Chief Van Washer

We got to know Pete/ Pedro due to his fanaticism for the race HDT Commodores. He has helped us out for well over a decade with the car collection and now travels all over Oz to attend car events and do store visits for Bowden's Own. If you meet Pete at a show, you'll soon see can converse in depth about our car care and is very happy to help people in any way he can, especially if you're a Peter Brock fan. He is the custodian of THE Peter Brock HDT Monza, yes the only real one. If you ask him about it, be prepared for the MOST intensive in-depth talk you will ever get on any car!

Contact him on 1800 351 308


Mad Scientist

Our full time, in-house chemist and one of 5 we develop our car care products with in Qld. She joined us to create an entire new range of more specialist products, that required a serious investment in her time to research and develop. It's turned out to be a never ending job as she works closely with Dan to think up new products as well as better our old favourites as well. A big outdoors enthusiast, loves getting away in her Toyota 4x4, making alcohol, fishing, cold beers, quality balances and pipettes, science, craft beers and her beloved Kelpie, Iluka.


Accounts and Excel sheet devotee 

The grand master of our accounts team, Rachel is a rare one here as she is not that much of a car person, but we have recently noticed some positive changes, where she will come see us at the local car shows and enjoy it! She also loves to get outdoors with camping, kayaking, hiking, high heel boots, in depth talks with Pedro and making new friends on her drives back and forth to work in her WRX. 

Call her during business hours: 1800 351 308 



Warehouse/ Logistics and closet Ford fan.

Mark joined our team a few years ago to help bring some order to the growing warehouse and store distrubution side of our business. It's a huge job that he works closely with Kirsty and the warehouse team on, all to make sure everyone can get our car care all over Australia! He likes his bombed up VF SS ute, quality cream doughnuts, dreaming of HQ one tonners and steaks, as well as the odd MMA cage fight that he is always training intensively for! 


Warehouse team leader and master Snow Cannon assembler

We first met Kirsty at a local car event where she wanted to learn more on detailing her car. She joined the team a few years later and now looks after the creation and assembly of our more intricate products where you need a high attention to detail. She also puts together the bigger store orders and keeps the young guys in the packing team working as hard as she does!! In her spare time she frequents our local car shows, fixes up her Centura, does an occasional bit of interpretive dancing (usually for our Christmas Party), but her biggest passion is the agility trials with her much loved and super winning Aussie cattle dog Royal. Royal is now a bit famous, as she is featured proudly on our Pong Go label!