Exterior Car Cleaning Products

Achieve a professional finish with our high-quality car cleaning products. Browse through our range of premium detailing products designed to care for your vehicle's exterior.

New Dry Spell Dry Spell

Dry Spell

A modern rinseless wash concentrate for light to moderately dirty vehicles.


New Dry Spell Pre-Spray Dry Spell Pre-Spray

Dry Spell Pre-Spray

Our ready-to-use bottle, all refillable from the Dry Spell concentrate


Snow Blow Cannon Snow Blow Cannon

Snow Blow Cannon

Our famous very high foaming cannon, for use with our great snow foams.


Snow Job Snow Job

Snow Job

A satisfyingly thick, pH neutral, pre-wash snow foam concentrate.


Daniel Morcombe Snow Good Daniel Morcombe Snow Good

Daniel Morcombe Snow Good

Special edition charity foam supporting The Daniel Morcombe Foundation.


Mega Snow Job Mega Snow Job

Mega Snow Job

An awesome heavy duty snow foam for those dirtier weekends.


Nanolicious Wash Nanolicious Wash

Nanolicious Wash

Our dream wash, created for the very fussiest of fanatics.


Wax Wash Wax Wash

Wax Wash

For a beautiful, just waxed glow that time poor and lazy enthusiasts will appreciate.


Auto Body Gel Auto Body Gel

Auto Body Gel

The original salt-free wash, for a rich and gentle clean, even in the direct hot sun!


Happy Ending Happy Ending

Happy Ending

A super hydrophobic after-wash finishing foam


Wet Dreams Wet Dreams

Wet Dreams

A spray on and rinse off, after-wash super hydrophobic sealant


After Glow After Glow

After Glow

An after-wash drying aid for the perfectionist.


Three Way Three Way

Three Way

For fast and easy paint decontamination before cleansing & waxing.


Claying Rubber Claying Rubber

Claying Rubber

A faster, easier and better way to clay your car.


Fine Clay Bar Fine Clay Bar

Fine Clay Bar

Cleans and restores the paint surface back to a smooth finish.


Paint Cleanse & Restore Paint Cleanse & Restore

Paint Cleanse & Restore

A modern replacement for abrasive polishes, that rejuvenates paint without creating swirls.


Flash Prep Flash Prep

Flash Prep

An effective surface preparation spray to remove older waxes, silicones, fillers and oils.


Beaut Beads Paste Wax Beaut Beads Paste Wax

Beaut Beads Paste Wax

Hand-crafted, super wanky and hydrophobic carnauba paste wax, for the more devout car fanatics.


Carnauba Body Wax Carnauba Body Wax

Carnauba Body Wax

Custom blended Carnauba wax for easy use and a brilliant showroom shine.


Lazy Wax Lazy Wax

Lazy Wax

A naturally protective, high-gloss, quality carnauba spray wax.


Bead Machine Bead Machine

Bead Machine

Our most protective & durable sealant, for an amazing shine & super hydrophobic bead porn.


Fully Slick Fully Slick

Fully Slick

For hardcore car fanatics, our famous super slick, shiny and protective detailing spray sealant.


Boss Gloss Boss Gloss

Boss Gloss

Our fastest, easy to use detailing spray for a show car shine.


Mr Black Mr Black

Mr Black

A silicone free and long lasting black plastic trim restorer.


Wheely Clean Wheely Clean

Wheely Clean

Our latest version of Wheely Clean that works better, goes further and no longer stinks!


Sweet Rubber Sweet Rubber

Sweet Rubber

Give your tyres a darker, durable, mid sheen finish that's also incredibly hydrophobic.


Tyre Sheen Tyre Sheen

Tyre Sheen

Get a long-lasting matte sheen, that doesn't fling


Ta Ta Tar Ta Ta Tar

Ta Ta Tar

New powerful citrus formula, for easy cleaning of tar from your car.


Bugger Off Bugger Off

Bugger Off

The perfect companion for your next big road trip. Gets rid of kamikaze bug marks, fast.


Clean Detail Clean Detail

Clean Detail

A light cleaning detail spray, for quick work on engine bays, door jambs, interior hard surfaces and more.


Orange Agent Orange Agent

Orange Agent

Super versatile citrus pH neutral cleaner, to remove silicones, oils and heavy grime from most surfaces.


Metal Polish Metal Polish

Metal Polish

A medium grade polish for an epic mirror shine of polishable dull metals.


Shiny Stuff Shiny Stuff

Shiny Stuff

Fine grade metal polishing paste for your chrome and softer polishable metals.


Sublime Clean Sublime Clean

Sublime Clean

Deep cleans exterior fabrics and vinyl, as well as removing silicones from plastics.


Vinyl Revival Vinyl Revival

Vinyl Revival

Revives and protects your exterior vinyl, rubber & plastics.


Rubber Off Rubber Off

Rubber Off

Awesome for cleaning off racing rubber marks at the track.


Wipe Out Wipe Out

Wipe Out

A windscreen washer additive we made just for car fanatics.


Body Joy Body Joy

Body Joy

For the most indulgent foam experience, you'll love a BJ.


Melt Down Melt Down

Melt Down

A great waterless de-icer, with a little bit of Qld warmth in every bottle.