Mr Black

Restores and protects faded black plastic trim

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A silicone free and long lasting black plastic trim restorer.


After 3 years of development and long term testing, our black plastic trim restorer is here! Super long lasting and made for our harsh Aussie climate, Mr Black is an all Australian made and developed world class competitor.

  • For rejuvenating sun damaged, unpainted exterior textured plastics to a rich, dark finish.
  • Ideal for bumpers, side & window trims, side mirrors, mud flaps, roof rails, running boards, door handles, plastic wiper arms and more.
  • Restores a natural mid sheen finish, that's not greasy or oily.
  • Lasts for up to a year on most hard ABS plastic, textured trims, longevity is dependant on the plastic type and quality of it. 
  • Silicone free, so it won't wash off or attract dust once dried and cured.
  • Uses concentrated, specialist plastic dyes - a little product goes a LONG way.
  • This is not a dressing, or a paint, so it doesn't just sit on the surface, it bonds into the plastic to help it last longer.  
  • Excess wipes off easily from paint, headlights, chrome, alloy, mirrors and glass.
  • Tested and developed in Australia's harsh UV environment, so it works.
  • Proudly all Aussie made too.



Using Mr Black - restoring sun faded, black plastic trim
Using Mr Black - restoring sun faded, black plastic trim
Mr Black, a silicone free, black plastic trim restorer.
Mr Black, a silicone free, black plastic trim restorer.

Can Am Spyder

By: on 10 June 2023
As with a lot of the other reviewers I have tried other big brand name products that are supposed to rejuvenate faded exposed plastics but have never really cut the mustard. I applied Mr Black as per instructions to the faded plastics on my Can Am Spyder……what a difference. Finally a product that lives up to the claims. Thank you Bowdens for developing such a great product. As with all Bowdens auto products….they just work….and Aussie made.

Great product. LESS IS MORE.

By: on 28 February 2023
I bought this to restore some trim between windscreen and engine bay. I removed the trim to do it properly. I misread the instructions and the emphasis on *less is more* HEED THESE WORDS. I thought I would be clever and apply using a quality flat paint brush because the foam brush was too wide for some sections. The finish didn't look quite right and although smooth, it didn't dry properly overnight. I was able to remove it with a cloth and turps (fairly easily - it just came off like a skin because of how I applied it), I washed using dish soap, dried, then prep-coat, dried. Re-applied using a sponge brush without the stick and spread thinly to the surface and it looks just like I hoped. Much more natural looking than the first application. I did try the foam brush but found it easier to get a smooth consistent finish using it as a sponge without the stick. Apply drop by drop to the sponge until it spreads the colour to your satisfaction. I can see how the finish could be disappointing if not done the right way. Hope this helps!

Hi Tim, Thanks for your feedback. Mr Black is one you definitely want to follow the instructions for! Less is more and a little goes a long way. Glad you got there in the end :). We have heaps of info, tips and tricks for Mr Black in our comprehensive guide here -

the Magic Mr Black

By: on 11 July 2022
I have tried all kinds of "big name" products that cost a mint to put some decent colour back in to black plastic that has been turning grey from UV for years. I'm glad to say I finally found something that actually does what the advertising blub says. And , does it extremely well.used it on the mirrors, mud flaps , and the best bit, is the faded plastic under the windscreen wipers between the windscreen and Bonnet. Looks an absolute treat and when left over night the Mr Black sets like a rock. Love it❤️

Great Product

By: on 16 March 2022
I used Mr Black after a recommendation and so impressed by the results. It was easy to apply instructions easy to follow. I am a fan of this product will use it on all my cars from now on. Thanks for a great result.

Beyond impressed

By: on 5 January 2021
Wow! I am beyond impressed by the Mr Black product. I've never used anything like this on a car before but the application was incredibly easy, instructions well written and simple to follow. The results are far better than expected, parts on my Colorado had faded to grey and had tiger stripes, was expecting to do 2 coats but not required! 100% would recommend.

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