Interior Car Cleaning Products

Our very best creations to look after your car's interior surfaces.

Max Doughies Max Doughies

Max Doughies

Last stocks of this much loved air refresher.


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Naked Glass Naked Glass

Naked Glass

New epic formula - a non streaking cleaner for perfectly clear and bare glass.


Far Cough Far Cough

Far Cough

An interior safe detailing spray, to quickly clean, rejuvenate and protect as often as you need.


Vinyl Care Vinyl Care

Vinyl Care

Unique rejuvenating, silicone free dash and trim protectant, that's not greasy or slippery.


Leather Love Leather Love

Leather Love

Gently cleans and conditions leather in one quick step.


Leather Guard Leather Guard

Leather Guard

Gives your leather the needed protection from daily wear and tear.


Fabra Cadabra Fabra Cadabra

Fabra Cadabra

The magic deep-cleaning formula for many interior fabrics, including Alcantra


Fabratection Fabratection


A water based, super hydrophobic fabric protectant.


Pong-Go Pong-Go


Eliminates stubborn and offensive odours from your car, van, truck and boat.


Hand Relief Hand Relief

Hand Relief

A germ and micro-nasty killing antibacterial soap