Australian Made & Owned

We have always strongly believed in the importance of supporting local industry, as it provides employment for Australians as all the profits remain here, helping towards the greater future of our much-loved nation.  

There are too many imported products flooding our nation's shelves, taking away Australian jobs as they send their profits back to their parent company overseas. Since we began over 15 years ago, we have sourced the best local research chemists to ensure we have the finest quality formulas, to be able to stand toe to toe with the many imported ranges. With it all manufactured and bottled more and more by ourselves in-house or in our Brisbane based factory, we are putting a lot back into the local industry.

Looking closer at our way of creating the bottled car care products, we can show the diverse ways we support our local economy, which has a further reach as we get bigger each and every year. The overseas imports bypass just about all of these local businesses, which only leads to killing off many diverse Australian industries. Our Auto Body Gel is shown here, to give you an idea of the different local industries we use to make our great car care products. 




And it's not just about being 'Australian Made'. In fact, in car care and many other sectors, the term 'Australian Made' seems to be pretty-well hijacked by foreign-owned companies who ship all their profits overseas. We keep as much of it as possible made in Australia and as much as possible with our supply chain is owned by Australian individuals or Australian companies - so all the profits stay here.



We work very hard to keep the Australian element in all our range, however there are some products and ingredients that sadly are just not possible to be made in Australia, but that's not without us trying to source the right people to make and supply them here. We put the highest percentage we possibly can, of Australian-made ingredients into every one of our products. This often means procuring the services of different Australian companies to make key ingredients in products for us. A great example of this is the Snow JobWet Dreams and Happy Ending products - the most important part of those products that make that awesome beading, protection and shine, are made for us right here in Australia, by Aussie chemists.

Our Microfibre cloths are made overseas in South Korea. There is no manufacturing of this type of material that we use here in Australia. This is no thanks to the Australian textile industry being almost completely killed off in the 80's due to government policy. But, we still get the packaging designed and the majority of it made here, with the different towels and cloths and wash tools all being hand-checked and packed here by our team in Australia. 

You can be assured with our range of Australian car care products that they will be, (taking a line from Dick Smith) “As Australian as you can get”. You will also be supporting the home team as we have done the hard work to ensure that the maximum amount of what you spend remains here in Australia. 



We are strong supporters of the Qld based Endeavour Foundation, a diverse community organisation providing person-centred support for people with a disability as part of the everyday community – through education, training and life skill development, employment, accommodation support, respite and recreation. The good team at Endeavour have been bottling and hand labelling our car care products for the last decade. Sure there are more cost-effective ways to machine label and fill the products, but we like the human touch this gives to each bottle (and the odd wonky label), plus we personally believe it's a great organisation giving some fantastic people a go, which is another trait deep in our Aussie values!  

Proudly Australian made, family owned and fanatical creators of great car care products that work - that's a pretty good summary of Bowden's Own.