Carnauba Body Wax

Custom blended carnauba wax

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Custom blended carnauba wax for easy use and a brilliant showroom shine.

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Discover our meticulously crafted boutique car wax, a tailor made blend for those seeking the easiest-to-use product that delivers a jaw-dropping show car shine. With no abrasives and no harsh cleaners, our formula is a pure protective Carnauba wax—crafted not just for cars but for car enthusiasts who demand excellence.

Key Features:

  1. Created for Hardcore Car Enthusiasts: This boutique car wax is meticulously formulated to meet the exacting standards of the most hardcore car enthusiasts.

  2. Highest Grade T1 Brazilian Carnauba: Experience a brilliant showroom shine with the highest grade T1 Brazilian Carnauba car wax.

  3. Quick and Easy Application: Enjoy the convenience of a wax that is quick and easy to apply, with an even quicker and easier removal process.

  4. Residue-Free on Textured Trims and Rubbers: Our formula leaves no white residue on textured plastic trims or rubbers, ensuring a clean finish.

  5. Mess-Free Orange Pop Top Cap: The new orange pop top cap ensures a mess-free pouring experience, perfectly matching the orange-edged Circle Work applicator and Big Softie cloth.

  6. Seals and Provides Natural-Based Paint Protection: Seal your car's paint with our car wax, offering natural-based protection for a lasting and vibrant finish.

  7. Enhances Paint Colour and Provides Stunning Shine: Elevate your car's appearance with enhanced paint color and a stunning, long-lasting shine.

  8. Australian Grade UV Protectants: Fortified with tough Australian grade UV protectants, our car wax shields your vehicle against harsh sun exposure.

  9. No Abrasives or Harmful Silicones: Say goodbye to abrasives and harmful silicones, ensuring a gentle yet effective application.

  10. Safe on Latest Hardened Clear Coats: Our formula is safe on the latest hardened clear coats, catering to modern paint finishes.

  11. Versatile for Older Enamel and New Acrylic Paints: Whether your car boasts older enamel or new acrylic paints, our wax is perfect for both.

  12. Optical Clarifiers for Extra Depth and Vibrancy: Enjoy a paint finish with sophisticated optical clarifiers, providing extra depth and vibrancy.

  13. Nourishing Oils to Prevent Oxidization: Formulated with nourishing oils, our car wax helps prevent oxidization on older paints, maintaining their longevity.

  14. Crafted by Australian Chemists for Harsh Climates: Developed by Australian chemists, our car wax is tailored for Australia's harsh climate, ensuring optimal performance.


Bring on the shine, with Carnauba Body Wax
Bring on the shine, with Carnauba Body Wax
Removing bird poop from car paint
Removing bird poop from car paint
Removing sunscreen marks from paint
Removing sunscreen marks from paint
Metal polishing by hand
Metal polishing by hand

Awesome Wax

13 June 2020
This wax is very user friendly, requiring minimal effort to apply and buff off. It gave my car a beautiful glow and glossy shine, while providing excellent hydrophobic properties. Another great feature of this wax is its smell, making the job a pleasure.

Best in its category

By: on 26 February 2018
This is a fantastic wax which I frequently use on my cars. It enhances dark paints very nicely and no other wax I have used in the past compares.

Never been so pleased in a car detailing product.

21 June 2017
This is the first time I've ever written a review and I?m doing so because I feel this has to be said. So hear goes guys. I have never been so pleased in a car detailing product range since now.I am 65 years of age and had many cars and motorcycles during my lifetime. I have always used the expensive vehicle cleaning products, some were good and some not so good.The last few years I used a German product that cost $70 dollars for a 250ml bottle. I've tried other products that claim to be the best, but in my opinion they either harm your vehicle or they are completely rubbish.Four days ago I decided to give Bowdens a try. I first washed the car with (Auto body gel) and was impressed by actually seeing soap suds lifting the dirt and how smooth it went on. I then hosed it down and used the Bowden chamois which I might add is absolutely brilliant. After chamoising the whole car I couldn?t believe my eyes, the car didn?t need waxing and it looked like it just rolled out from a showroom. It really looked amazing, and no streaks, smears or dried water marks.Still, I decided to use the (Auto body wax) and polished half the bonnet. Holly S***, one half looked like showroom finish the other half looked like a sparkling mirror!After polishing the whole car I just could not believe my eyes. All these years I had thought the Germans had the only magic product, but now I realise nothing compares to to these Bowden products they are the ants-pants. And once again no smears or white sticky dusty bits.Until now I have never ever in my lifetime used car detailing products that leave your vehicle looking truly unbelievably beautiful and stunning.Thanks guys, you?ve certainly got my vote. - Martin S. - Adelaide, SA.

Loving the Aussie gear!

21 June 2017
Always used Me*****s for years and the bowdens gear sh**s on it!! When I went to supa cheap at Bennett's green yesterday there was only one bowdens auto body wax left and the meguiars was still full, so that tells the story. I have the full range now the VE SS has never looked better. Mark A - Bennetts Green, NSW.

Smells great.

21 June 2017
Love that Auto Body Wax..... The kids think I am waxing the car with bubble gum! - Graeme S - Townsville, Qld.

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