Wax Wash 2L

For the more time poor and lazy enthusiasts.

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For a beautiful, just waxed glow that time poor and lazy enthusiasts will appreciate.

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We always thought wash and wax products were very gimmicky and not much chop, so we set our chemists off to make one that actually works. This is a more naturally formulated wash, that uses a modern blend of ingredients to give a great shine and added protection while you wash. Our car wash wax contains real T1 grade Carnauba wax so you are actually waxing as you wash your car.

Key Features:

  • Infused with Real T1 Grade Carnauba Wax: For a superior shine and added protection.
  • Custom Formulated for Modern Clear Coat Paints: Tailored to care for modern clear coat paints, ensuring optimal performance without compromise.
  • Unique Additives for Trim Care: Our formulation includes unique additives to keep rubber and plastic trims looking new, adding a touch of care to every car wash.
  • Deep Cleaning Detergents: To swiftly loosen bonded dirt and grit, leaving your vehicle with a great shine.
  • Super Lubricating:  To minimise the risk of swirl marks, preserving your paint's great finish.
  • pH Neutral Formula: Maintain the integrity of your paint with our pH-neutral formula, preventing the stripping of quality waxes, sealants, or protective coatings.
  • High Sudsing Action: Suspends dirt and grime away from the paint surface, for an effective and thorough wash.
  • Residue-Free Rinsing: Rinses off residue-free, leaving no streaking or water spots, ensuring an epic finish.
  • Silicone and Salt Free: This Car Wash Wax is silicone and salt free, for the longevity and health of your vehicle.
  • Built-in Anti Rust Additives and UV Protection: Take on our Aussie conditions head-on with built-in anti-rust additives and UV protection, improving the resilience of your vehicle.
  • Great Value, Easy Measurement: Enjoy great value with just 1 capful needed per wash. The non-drip cap ensures precision and prevents product spillage.
  • Proudly Developed and Made in Australia: Like all our bottled products, Wax Wash (Car Wash Wax) is proudly developed and made in Australia, a testament to our commitment to quality.



Maintenance wash??

By: on 28 July 2022
I do a regulare's Porche Macan S ( a black one) every 6-7 weeks with the full combo of : snow job-hand wash with Nanolicious- then Happy ending - Boss gloss. On the last visit I noticed there was still good Hydrophobic properties on the paint, after the Snow job rinse, so I used the Wax/wash and Boss gloss wipe for the first time. Wow not only did the shine return to what I would expect , what I call a "bounce shine" that lets you see the clouds in the paint, but with the black car there were no water marks and the windows seemed to wipe cleaner than after use with happy endings + window cleaner. It also seems that this wax wash could be a good Maintenance product for my regulars when hydrophobic properties already are on the paint, saving me time and effort; to get a good result. Glenn. Luvyakar

Gets even better with time

By: on 15 December 2021
No question, this is actually a wash liquid that waxes your car at the same time: one of, if not the only, product to do so! Smells amazing, like bubblegum crossed with lolly banana. Such a delightful product to use too, because its so soft and smooth in the water; the wash pad glides so easily across the car surface, plus I much prefer a high-sudsing liquid, feels more authentic to use (although that last bit is just personal preference of course). The more times I’ve used it, the better it works, I reckon because the wax layer is building up more and more with frequent washing, leaving the car as smooth as if I’d just clay barred it, even without any further treatments. Leaves a great shine too, even on paint that probably could do with a correction. Awesome product, wouldn’t use anything else!

The Best Wax Wash

By: on 15 January 2021
Easily the best wax wash I've ever used, real quality product. I was surprised by how good it smelt too, it's seriously bananas! Great suds for a capful in a 15L bucket, giving you a soapy wash pad to cut through all the dirt with ease. Leaves a nice clean and shiny finish, no swirls. Don't forget to use a good clean microfibre wash pad, it matters. Great for a quick 2 bucket wash! We like to pair Bowden's wax wash, with their snow job (a fun pre wash) for our regular washes to maintain our cars cleaniness. Our cars are always outside so they get super dirty. Also just got the Happy ending to tie in every couple months, excited to test that one out!!


By: on 28 February 2018
Recently bought a new BMW which i want to take good care of, began researching the best way to keep it looking great and came across Bowden's own. The wax wash works perfect for bringing the best shine out of my metallic grey paintwork, gliding along the car with excellent lubricity.


By: on 26 February 2018
This product is the best Wash & Wax I have ever used. Not only does it provide a high shine, but it also makes the job so much easier and faster. As you use this product, you’ll soon realise there are no negatives. It smells awesome, works great, and gives amazing results, what more could you ask for? The wax wash is a well-priced product, and there have been no regrets purchasing it, use it for the wheels and also the paint work. All around, it works. Not only have I used this on personal cars but also others, and they have made comments saying their car has never been so clean. Try it out for yourself, i’m not biased.. it’s truth, and I can guarantee that you’ll never have to try another brand ever again. Work smart, not hard!

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