Ta Ta Tar

Safely removes light & heavy tar deposits

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Made for every Aussie Road trip, to remove heavy tar.

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Our new citrus based Ta Ta Tar is made for Aussie road trips, this tar remover quickly cleans fresh tar from your car's paint, trims and glass.

  • New citrus based tar remover formula is more powerful at removing tar, grime and even tree sap removal.
  • This new formula doesn't smell like petrol death and is more environmentally friendly.
  • Safe on clear coated paint, chrome, alloy, glass, wheels and most plastics.
  • Watch it instantly dissolve light and heavy fresh tar deposits.
  • Fast and easy to use, spray on and wipe, then wash off with suds and water.
  • We like to use it with a damp Dirty Deeds cloth for best effect.
  • No hard rubbing or scrubbing required.
  • Leaves a beautiful, clean surface finish and will remove waxes and some sealants.
  • Gets rid of hard to clean grease and oil smears as well.
  • It's a thick liquid, to allow for better dwell time and penetration time on vertical surfaces.
  • This tar remover works great as a white wall cleaner too.
  • Not made for poor quality, damaged plastics & polycarbonate headlights, ceramic coatings, single stage paint or exterior plastic trims.
  • All Aussie made and developed.


Easy and effective tar removal from your car
Easy and effective tar removal from your car
Car tree sap removal
Car tree sap removal


By: on 28 February 2023
Ive had tar on my car for some time. This stuff is like having a magic wand waved over your car. LOOOOVE IT

Just wow!

By: on 7 June 2020
I’ve been using Bowdens Own for a little while now- everything I’ve used does exactly what it’s supposed too, which is a first given I’ve been using the expensive American stuff for a while which was hit and miss. I’ve just used Ta Ta Tar which performed exactly like the video with exactly the same amount of effort- stuff all! My Wildtrak looks brand new again and it only took 20 minutes. Well done guys- great Aussie products- you’ve gained a customer for life. I’m head out tomorrow to grab some Bead Machine which will do exactly as you say it will for the Wildtrak and the wife’s Golf R.... might even grab a Onesie Buffer so she can watch me do it....

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