Bugger Off

Gets rid of kamikaze bug strike marks - fast.

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Gets rid of kamikaze bug strike marks - fast.

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With so many late model cars and bikes having plastic and polycarbonate parts that can be affected by traditional bug cleaning products, we needed to find a safe solution. We worked with a group of professional detailers to develop this bug remover formula, that is very safe and still super effective at cleaning bug strike marks from your car, bike and truck.

  • Specially made to clean off bug splatter fast. A must for every road trip.
  • Powerful citrus formula, formulated to target Aussie bug splatter.
  • Super effective, for easy use on your car, truck, caravan and bike (including bike helmets).
  • Unique enzymes quickly penetrate to break down and dissolve bug splatter.
  • pH neutral. Won’t remove quality waxes, sealants or paint protection.
  • Safe on all paints, glass, plastics, rubber, fibreglass, headlights, fairings, number plates, grills, & bullbars.
  • Leaves a clean finish, washes off with water and no residue.
  • Environmentally safe and biodegradable formula.
  • Won't always get rid of annoying people.
  • Use with our De Bugger cloth for the easiest bug cleaning job ever.


Your new car detailing guide
Your new car detailing guide
The easiest way to clean Kamikaze bugs from your car
The easiest way to clean Kamikaze bugs from your car


By: on 24 November 2023
Bug splatter doesn’t stand a chance. My bike looks like it’s been in a food fight after a ride and the grill on my car, my least favorite part to clean. Bugger off makes the job effortless. Spray it on and the bugs wipe right off.

Thanks so much for the nice review, Amanda! Glad to hear you're getting the most out of Bugger Off :).

Amazing product

By: on 6 July 2019
Love this. Got rid of all the corpses from my car. Not a mark left behind. Can recommend 100%

Buy it NOW!!

By: on 11 June 2019
Seriously the best product for removing bugs. Spray on, wait a minute and wipe every single bug off. No bullshit. Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

Works great

By: on 26 February 2018
Recently had a car covered in bugs from a trip from NT to SA one spray of Bugger off and hit it with the gurney and bam there gone and the smell of the product wasnt bad either!

Amazing product

By: on 23 December 2017
This was recommended by my local Autobarn store after the front of my Pajero looked like a bug slaughter house. After a healthy amount of spray and very little elbow grease the bugs wiped right off. Never have I seen a product work so well, so quickly. Amazing stuff, I need to try your other products as cleaning my car's may be easier than I thought!!!

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