Muffy in action

Sponges pores also have great storage facilities for things like tiny hard particles, keeping them entrapped and scratching your paint forever. Likewise, we have found the longer hair wash mitts like lambs' wool, can also get small damaging particles caught up in their weave over time, another great car scratcher. It's for these reasons that we put a lot of thought into our two washing tools, to stop these things happening.

Our Muffy sponge has a layer of special bright yellow microfibre on the top and bottom, allowing it to have a protective, soft barrier, to minimise scratching. Muffy also has open sides, so you can get heaps of suds in and out of the sponge, this also helps stop wash fatigue with the sponge getting heavy as you move around the car. If you ever accidently drop Muffy, you can easily wash it out. The bright yellow material aids you in being able to just check it militantly, and find any foreign contaminants in the material. 

Inspect and clean Muffy militantly after each wash or if you drop her!