Do you need to Clay?

To start, we ensure that the car has been thoroughly washed with our Auto Body Gel or Nanolicious Wash, and has had time to totally dry. Its surface has to be cool to touch and out of direct sunlight. Then we assess the cars' paint; does it really require a thorough going over? Run your fingertips gently over your paint. Does it feel rough and look as though there are particles bonded to the car's surface? If so, it may first need some quick work with a Clay Bar or Clay Towel. These products make your paint beautiful and smooth, taking off all the bonded contaminants that sit on top of your paint - the types that the cleanser cannot remove, such as over-spray, rail dust and many other little items that bond to your paint over time. Doing this claying process will make the cleansing a lot easier and it also helps your final wax coats' effectiveness so it lasts a lot longer too. It's well worth doing. You can find the guides on these products at the bottom of this article.

When applying the Auto Body Cleanser, the rubbing action, combined with its active ingredients, creates a positive charge on the surface of the paint. This enables the Auto Body Wax to bond to the surface with tenacity, ensuring an even, smooth surface that lasts. If you follow the directions on the bottle and follow up with the Auto Body Wax, Lazy Wax or Fully Slick, you can expect your car to glow, and most importantly, expect your paint to last.