Apply in a circular motion 

Work on one small area of the car at a time. I like breaking down large panels into quadrants. This minimises the chance of missing a section.

Apply using a gentle circular motion, making sure to go over the entire surface a section at a time. We like to do it with a pass over in one direction, say top to bottom, and then a second pass, still using the circular action, this time going from side to side on the same area. This is so you get the most effective cleaning done and don't miss any spots!

There might be a few of you out there that have been told to apply products in a straight line, never circular. Yes, that's true with old polishes and other products that use an abrasive, as they will create swirls! However, with the modern combination of our safe, non scratching Circle Work applicator and our cleanser being free of harsh abrasives, you can go the easier circular motion with no fear of swirls.