Step 2

Brushes for dirtier wheels

A wheel brush is good to spread the product around on dirty wheels, especially when cleaning off heavy brake dust. We recommend and use Wheel Woolies, which may look like a glorified toilet brush set, but we find they work a real treat and can get in places normal brushes cannot reach.

We also find its great to use and keep your brushes in a wash bucket with suds, like any of our car washes you keep for just using with the brushes. It water and moisten the bristles for when you're brushing the rim. This will also save you from spraying too much product as your spreading it out more effectively over the wheels' surfaces.

We don't sell the Wheel Woolies or brush sets through our retail networks yet, but we do have them available for special order if you'd like a set. Just call us on 1800 351 308, or you can get them at any of our Detailing Days or Open Day events (more information on them here at our Events page).