For after waxing or at car shows

A simple and fast two cloth method

If the car is relatively clean, like just after a wash or waxing and just needing a fast spruce up or to add some protection, this will be the best technique for you. 

  • Fold the Big Softie or Drop Bear in half and then spray the Fully Slick a few times into the non plush face of the cloth.
  • Work on a small area at a time (like 1/4 of a bonnet, 1/2 a door etc). Gently apply to the paint surface in straight lines.
  • Then immediately after applying, grab the second Big Softie or Drop Bear cloth and buff off the residue away in a gentle circular motion.

It can pay to have a second Big Softie cloth for this job, either as a separate cloth for the final finish or handy in case the first one fills up with liquid and begins smearing. It's critical to have a dry microfibre cloth for product removal. 

Your car is now Fully Slick.