How it helps

After using it for a quite a while now, we have noticed many great effects and different ways to use it on our own cars. 

The cars have now become a lot easier to clean before an event, as the protective polymers' slick coating doesn't allow the dust to bond to the painted surface. With each and every clean it becomes easier and easier. This is the same for the fantastic water beading effect it gives to our daily driven road cars. Its protection and effect will work its best after being used around 4 times. Give it an hour between coats if you want to do all four in one day! 

It also leaves a beautiful, glossy shine, which really makes them look like they have just been waxed. I have to point out here that the Fully Slick is more made to replenish the wax, rather than be a total substitute for it. But the way it makes the waxes protection last longer, you will find yourself waxing a lot less often. 

You can use it right after you wax. A lot of professional detailers do this, to help clean off any parts they missed, as well as adding a little bit more "pop" to the cars paint. The cleaning power of the Fully Slick is very low, so you don't have to worry about it removing the fresh, uncured wax (our wax takes about 4 to 6 hours to harden and cure). 

Fully Slick can also be used to boost protection right after you wash, while the water is still on the car. Spay it directly onto the surface and then dry it off with an absorbent microfibre cloth or drying towel like our Big Green Sucker. You will notice how it breaks down the water droplets so they run off easier as well. 

For every day driven cars, it will boost the UV protection for your paint. Use it weekly on the top surfaces that see the most sun.