How To Use

It's very easy to use, pretty much spray on and wipe off cleaning. 

There are two different techniques to use it, depending on if the car is dusty or if it is a bit cleaner - like after waxing or while at a car show. We will run through both ways below. 

Before first use and for it to work its absolute protective best, make sure the surface you are using it on is relatively clean and free from contaminants. If the paint feels rough in any way, give it a clay bar or a clay towel, to remove these contaminants and bring back the smooth finish. Just doing this will double the effectiveness and ease of use of Fully Slick. A guide to claying your car with the Fine Clay Bar or the new Clay Towels is at the bottom of this article. 

Get two (or three for dustier cars) Big Softie microfibre cloths to use as well, or one Big Softie (or two for dusty cars) and one super plush Drop Bear cloth for the final finish. We like to also make sure the car is parked in the shade and the paint is cool to touch.