If you want to do the clay job a little bit faster, you can use the Fine Clay Bar after you give your car an initial wash.

First you need to 1/2 fill a bucket of water with a capful of our Auto Body Gel or Nanolicious car wash for a nice slippery mixture. Never use plain water as it has no lubrication properties!

Put the suds on the car with your Muffy sponge or Love Glove mitt and use the clay bar as we mention above. Make sure you only do the areas where there are suds. Rinse the panel down after you're finished and move to the next section, till the car is completed. Don't let the water dry on the car, re-wet it as you go, as you don't want to get any water spots. Chamois or microfibre towel dry once you're done and then get ready for cleansing and waxing.

This method is obviously not suitable if you're working inside, but it gives many of you another option for using the bars. We find it can be a quicker and easier job, so it was worth mentioning!

For an even faster job, have a look at our Clay Towels as well, a little bit more expensive, but thanks to their larger size they are even faster to prepare your cars' paint and glass with.