Getting it smooth

A clay bar is ideal to remove things like paint over spray, embedded dirt, tree sap, tar, bug residue and just about any other contaminants that want to bond and contaminate your paint surface. All can be easily removed without damaging your paint with a clay bar; a sophisticated formulation of Blue Tack! Basically it's a blue tack with a very fine abrasive content, which when used with a lubricant, will not harm your cars paint. Our custom made bar is what we see as best for most uses on your car, with a combination of the finest abrasive content and the non drying poly bar. Using this takes away the risk of using a more common heavier grade of industrial clay bar, that can potentially scratch your paints' surface.

Using the Fine Clay Bar will give a beautiful, smooth finish to your cars' paint. It also makes the Auto Body Cleanser easier to use and helps your wax coat last longer. To check if your paint really needs it, after washing your car put your hand in a plastic shopping bag, then run your fingers over the paint. If it feels rough or gritty in any way, you need to clay bar. Very easy to use as you will read below. You will find the clay bar is a remarkable product and well worth becoming part of your regular car care regime.