Cleaning Muffy, Love Glove and the Chamois

The Love Glove wash mitt or our chamois should not need to be machine washed after each use. Just rinse them out in fresh water. If you get grease or the like on them, you can machine or hand wash with the Microfibre Wash in warm water. 

Our Muffy Sponge is best hand-washed, in fact it's the only microfibre product we say not to wash in a machine. Wash it by hand in a bucket of 4 to 5 litres with 40mls of the Microfibre Wash added.

Rub the wash into the more dirty parts you need to clean, then dunk the entire sponge under water, squeezing and rubbing the wash into the microfibre.

Once you're happy it's clean, empty the bucket and rinse the sponge well with fresh water. Muffy is ready once more for more washing!