Clay Bar / Towel

If your wash suds bucket is still clean, add another capful of wash solution to it, then hit it with the hose or pressure washer again to get an extremely subsiding mixture going. If the wash water is dirty, pour it out and start fresh with a double dose (2 cap fulls) of wash mix, then froth the mixture up nicely. 

Place The Love Glove or your desired wash tool into the suds solution and put a generous amount of suds onto the painted sections of the bike you’re going to clay. Also dip your clay bar/towel into the suds solution, then gently clay the painted areas of the bike, always making sure the area you’re working on is well lubricated with no dry spots. Once the painted areas have been clayed, rinse the areas thoroughly with the pressure washer, or a gentle stream of water from the hose.

The seat / exterior vinyl and plastics -

If the seat on your bike is a vinyl finish like the one on this bike, then follow these steps. Spray Sublime Clean liberally onto the surface, then with The Love Glove or a soft bristled brush, give the seat a good clean and agitation. Rinse thoroughly and then dry the seat. Once the rest of the bike has been done, you can seal the seat with Vinyl Revival. Simple spray some Vinyl Revival into a Square Bear applicator pad and apply liberally to the seat. Leave it to sit for 1 minute, then apply another layer of Vinyl Revival. Leave that to sit for another minute, then wipe off any excess product with a Dirty Deeds cloth or similar.