Harmful Silicones?

Most waxes on the market rely on silicone for gloss and durability. Not all silicones are bad; unfortunately the more damaging oil based ones work the best! Unfortunately they are also dirt cheap, so the big multinationals love to use them as an ingredient, and you don't have to be a rocket scientist to work out what most people have been rubbing all over their cars every weekend. The biggest drama with the oil based silicones used is that they stay in your paint and it requires pretty aggressive cleaning products or total stripping of the paint to remove them from it. So we stay away from these ingredients in our products, moving to a higher quality water based alternative that when combined with other oils, gives that super smooth feeling, beautiful deep glowing shine, as well as keeping them extemely easy to use.

Another grievance is that we really do LOVE cars and anything to do with them, so to watch huge multi-national companies come in from overseas with their cheesy marketing and nasty products in flashy bottles, and then monopolise our car care industry really gives us the shits. That's putting it lightly I might add.