Our holy grail

You need a drying tool. We give you some great options with our new The Big Green Sucker microfibre drying towel and the more tradtional Microfibre Chamois for this task. 

The Big Green Sucker microfibre drying towel is AWESOME!! We've put in a huge amount of time development of it, so we can certainly say it really sucks! This super luxurious drying towel is made for all serious car lovers who need the fastest and most effective tool for drying. Its thick, soft and plush weave is the most absorbent microfibre we have ever found and is exceptional at minimising errant dirt and grit missed while washing, from ever scratching your car. It glides over the surface, sucking up all the water as you go. The Big Green Sucker is a large 40cm x 70cm in size, so you can get your hands on each side of it and work your way around the car.

The chamois' we have are certainly not the common or garden variety ones you get at the local service station or car accessories store. They too have low grip so they will glide over the car surface and never strip the wax from it. They are excellent to use and work brilliantly.


What size to pick? 

We make the chamois in three great sizes: 

  • The Little Ripper. Your more traditional size of 60cm x 35cm. 
  • About double its size is the Big Bugger size at a generous 71cm x 50cm.
  • The biggest chamois on the planet, the Super Bloody Huge chamois. This massive one is for professionals or the most hardcore enthusiasts who don't like to be slowed down by having to wring out the chamois often. We can do most cars without having to wring it out at all. 

Another great benefit of them all being microfibre is that they can be machine washed with our Microfibre Wash if you get them too dirty.


Why no container? 

A lot of people ask us about this one and the answer is pretty simple; We want the drying towel or chamois to dry out after each wash, so they are ready to clean the windows first... If kept in a container they won't dry and are not as effective in giving perfect, smear free glass. You can read a bit more about this in the following section on drying your car.