Step 5

Drying time 

Now it’s drying time. Make sure the car has no visible road grime, dirt or oil. Grab The Big Green Sucker or chamois, and while it is dry, do the glass first. (Refer to The Big Sucker article at the bottom of this page for some pro drying tips and hacks). This way you get no streaks on your glass. After the glass is done, start at the top of the car and work your way down, frequently wringing out your chamois if needed (The Big Green Sucker should just suck it all right up). On the large flat panels (roof, boot and bonnet) fold The Big Green Sucker in half, then move it across the panel with the cloth always facing the same direction (if you go "against the grain" you'll get smearing issues). Turn the cloth as needed, always using the same method. Great tip: if you're using The Big Green Sucker, spray each side of the cloth with 3-4 sprays of Boss Gloss or Fully Slick. We call this a "drying aid". It helps with preventing streaking, making the water even easier to get off the car and leaving a stunning finish!

If you're using a chamois, hold the chamois like you would to throw a blanket across a large bed, throw it out and then pull it gently back towards you. This minimises time, nothing else, so if you are comfortable with how you already use a chamois, do with this advice as you wish. On the side parts of the car, hold the top and lower part of the chamois when doing the sides, to stop it from ever touching the ground.