Step 6

Two bucket method 

For the real fussy ducks out there with brand new cars, whose paint is extra susceptible to light scratches, or the people who have original coats on their ageing cars, you will want to use the “Two-Bucket Method”. There is no real gimmick, it really cuts down on the potential of anything scratching your paint dramatically.

You get two 12 litre buckets; one is ¾ full of water with car shampoo mixed in, the other is ¾ full of pure water (If possible, mark one with a bit of tape around the top, or put your Dirty Deeds cloth on its top edge, so you do not mix them up later in the wash). Start washing the car in the prescribed manner above. Once you have finished a panel, submerge the Love Glove/Muffy into the pure water bucket and rinse it by shaking it vigorously or dragging it across the Grit Guards before placing it back into the wash suds bucket. Gather as much water and suds as your mitt can carry, then re-apply to the next panel. Repeat this process, washing every panel on the car. Doing it this way means you are never putting dirty water onto your car. 

That’s the mysterious two-bucket method! It does make good practice; we use it on certain cars as a rule. It dramatically minimises your chances of accidentally picking up some potentially scratching debris from one part of the car and rubbing it all over the rest.