Step 7

The fun part 

You’re done!! Does your baby gleam? Don’t you feel better now? To make you and your precious machine feel even better why not take him/her for a drive, at least five to ten minutes long. This will help get rid of any water left in cracks or recesses most cars seem to have. Please don't ever put your car away straight after washing it, as leaving water sitting around in the cars inaccessible areas is a huge no-no. This only invites every car’s biggest enemy to take hold, that of course is rust. 

When you get back just go around with the drying towel, After Glow or chamois, to again clean up the last bits of water.

Also be sure to wash/ wipe out all your wash tools and buckets with fresh water once done. We'd recommend machine washing with our Microfibre Wash and machine drying the Big Green Sucker and / or Big Softie cloths you use with After Glow straight after washing each and every time, (don't let them dry) as the After Glow or Boss Gloss in these cloths can make the cloth less absorbent if you dont wash it out. Likewise use a machine dryer after washing to bring them back nice and fluffy like new! Your Shagtastic Wash Pad/ Muffy/ Love ZGlove can be machine washed as you see fit, we do our every few washes, or if we use them on a real dirty car. You do not machine dry them though, just air dry indoors.  

Now look back at your car and note that glowing shine, it's a now famous atribute of all our products and how they are working together. It's something that will just get better with the longer term use of these and all our other quality products.