You need the right washing tools

Now we don't want to sound patronising or condescending in any way, but you would be amazed at how many people just don't get the whole car washing thing. It is as simple or as hard as you wish it to be. Whether it's a quick whip around before a cruise, or a luxurious twin bucket bath for your special someone. There are a few simple rules you must follow. You need a good bucket with about 12 litres capacity. We use a bucket known affectionately as BOB, The Bowden's Own Bucket with all our Car Care Products. It is great quality and made in Australia. (BOB also won an Australian design award in 2004. Yes, a bucket won a design award!!)

You need a good washing tool; like our much loved Muffy Sponge or Love Glove Wash Mitt. We found that generic sponges, while they hold a lot of water, don't have much 'give' in them. Meaning that if you pick up a tiny stone it won't recess into the sponge like it would with a mitt and therefore it scratches your paint surface.