Pizza face plant on floor mats

We recently had a staff night at my place, where everyone comes over and we watch some old Bathurst race movies. I chose to get some pizzas for us all and on the way home had a bit of an incident. Two of the three fresh pizzas were hurled from the front seat as I braked for someone who didn't understand the give-way rules at a local roundabout (a common thing in Buderim), and they face planted with open boxes onto the floor mats underneath. Not good!

Cleaning them was tackled the next day and as you can see from the images they did make quite a mess. One pizza was a supreme and the other was a chicken with some fancy camembert. The supreme went up the top right and had the sauce go into the carpet and the fabric trim around the outside of the mat. The chicken hit the bottom part, with that lovely camembert and other mozzarella cheese getting right into the carpet fibres. It was a quick job to do, as you can read below.