Removing food stains from carpet & fabric

Pizza face plant on floor mats

We recently had a staff night at my place, where everyone comes over and we watch some old Bathurst race movies. I chose to get some pizzas for us all and on the way home had a bit of an incident. Two of the three fresh pizzas were hurled from the front seat as I braked for someone who didn't understand the give-way rules at a local roundabout (a common thing in Buderim), and they face planted with open boxes onto the floor mats underneath. Not good!

Cleaning them was tackled the next day and as you can see from the images they did make quite a mess. One pizza was a supreme and the other was a chicken with some fancy camembert. The supreme went up the top right and had the sauce go into the carpet and the fabric trim around the outside of the mat. The chicken hit the bottom part, with that lovely camembert and other mozzarella cheese getting right into the carpet fibres. It was a quick job to do, as you can read below.

Step 1

Get the right tools 

Firstly, get the right tools together for the job; you will need a good vacuum cleaner, a clean microfibre cloth, a spatula (or another microfibre cloth if you dont have one handy) and a bottle of our Fabra Cadabra fabric cleaner. 

Note that this method of cleaning will also work well for removing mud, meat pies, animal mishaps (poo), kids car sickness and many other more "chunky" messes on the carpet and fabric parts in your car.

Step 2

Gentle removal 

The biggest thing to remember is you need to remove what made the stain as soon as possible from after it happening. Use the spatula or a damp microfibre cloth to remove any bigger, more solid/hard pieces of the food or mess residue, making sure to gently pull it it off, not pushing it back deeper into the carpet or fabric it's resting upon.

Step 3


Vacuum the areas well, to again remove any of the loose materials from the carpet or fabric before cleaning with the liquid cleaner.

Step 4

Spray at least 15 cm from surface 

Spay the Fabra Cadabra directly over the area at least 15 cm from the surface. It's not what we say for spot cleaning smaller stains and the like on regular fabric or cloth trim, but with the density of carpet it will be needed to help remove more of the stains in the material. You don't need to drench the fabric, but about 3 to 4 sprays should be enough to make it damp. Let it sit for one minute, to let the product soak into the material and begin working its magic at releasing the stain from the individual fabric fibres.

Step 5

Blot the area 

Get the clean microfibre cloth and gently blot the stained area. The way Fabra Cadabra works, it removes the particles of the stain that are bonded onto the fibres, so it's really important that you do blot the surface initially, not wipe or push the stain deeper into the fabric. It's also important to keep blotting on a new, clean bit of the microfibre cloth, so keep turing the cloth often to a new side with each area, otherwise you could transfer some of the food stain back from your cloth, into the area you are trying to clean.

Step 6

Inspection time 

Inspect to make sure all the area is clean. If there's still any stained material, repeat the cleaning process with the Fabra Cadabra again. 

Step 7

Leave to dry 

Leave to dry (usually about an hour or two on a sunny, 25 degree day) and then vacuum clean again, to pull out the last of the stain or food particle remnants you couldn't get with the cloth, from the material. If the cleaned area is lighter or patchy, the entire carpet or fabric area may be dirty, so clean it all for a more even result.  

Looking a lot better after a good clean - Fabra Cadabra does its magic once again!

Step 8

Hocus pocus it's gone! 

Once the stain is gone, you might still have remnants of the smell, especially with something like car sickness. For this, give our new Pong-Go odour elimination product a go. It doesn't just mask the odours, it captures them on a molecular level, to remove them for good. And then to help prevent anything ike this happening again, you should use our fabric protectant (once it's released), so messes like this will easily wipe off and not penetrate the fabric surface or fibres. 

Oh sooo good, ready for feet once again.

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