This cloth really sucks - The Big Green Sucker.

Date Posted:24 November 2016 


Our mission:

For years, we’ve wanted to have a microfibre drying towel in our range, but we were never able to find the right towel that satisfied our deeper wants and needs. So we set about creating our own version, based on the criteria of being easy to use, a decent size, huge GSM/super absorbent, long lasting and most importantly, be very plush to minimise the chance of grit and grime induced swirls and scratches from ever occuring. What we ended up with is something we are very proud of, which we named The Big Green Sucker.


Size matters!

The Big Green Sucker is a perfect 40 x 70cm in size with a huge surface area for water to reside in, but also a large contact area as you run over your car. As it's so absorbant you can pretty much do a whole regular sized car without wringing it out. I can tell you that these attributes make drying a hell of a lot quicker!! It's final size came from much trial and error, as we found there is such a thing as having too much towel. With this final size not being too difficult to handle around the car.


Why does it suck so much?

The Big Green Sucker was specially designed with a thicker, 1000 GSM split microfibre that had the tips of the fibre “flecked” to aid in faster water absorbency. It can hold over 2.5 litres of liquid in the fibres, which is some serious sucking! This high-quality material ensures a far better drying experiance than any Waffle Weave drying towel or traditional chamois could hope to give.


So soft and plush

The build quality of The Big Green Sucker also ensures the towel is both extremely strong, yet gentle on your automotive friend, as well. The material is incredibly soft and super plush, to minimise the chance of adding extra swirls and micro scratches when drying your car. 

These marks occur if you've missed a section when washing (usually on the doors or sides) and the dirt and grime is still there. The extra "give" in this plush material means you wont be pushing that dirt and grime back into the paint, thus eliminating those swirl marks from ever occuring. Something the chamois and less plush waffle weave towels cannot do! The great "micro-soft" edges and recessed stitching in them further ensure it will never scratch or mark your delicate paint or brightwork.


It's good to be green

The bright green colour is to help you to see any dirt or grime you may pick up in the towel, so you can flip it to a clean side and not wipe it back into the paint, again minimising the chance of further swirls and fine micro scratches occurring.


Using the Sucker

It's important to read our instructions in the packaging, so before the first use, give it a machine wash and then run it through the tumble dryer. This is due to the lint it can sometimes give out (an issue with anything as plush as this). The linting does stop and this first wash/dry certainly helps it a lot.

First off, take the sprayer off your hose end and with the water on a medium pressure, hold it on an angle close to the surface, so it allows a gentle stream to run over the paint, effectively sheeting the water and saving you some more time in drying. Then grab each end of the towel and starting from the roof, glide it across the wet surface, drying the water as you go.


Convertible Soft Tops

Soft tops require a different approach that The Big Green Sucker is just awesome for. Don't ever rub it across the convertible roof, instead, simply open it up and lie it down on the surface and gently dab the towels surface to "blot" all the water into the towel. Lift it up and lower it onto the next section, turning it over to the fresh side when you're half way done and continue till all the water is mopped into it.


Some extra pro tips

When just used by itself, The Big Green Sucker is pretty damn good for drying your vehicle. But, you can make it even better... Just add Boss Gloss. This great technique is used by many professional detailers to make drying your vehicle easier than ever before. The idea is to use the Boss Gloss as a “drying aid”, by using the Boss Gloss's hygroscopic (it absorbs water) nature, helping attract and absorb the water into the fibres of The Big Green Sucker, hence cutting drying time as well as adding very important lubrication for further minimising errant dirt and grime ever scratching your paint. Also with this technique, the Boss Gloss gives an amazing shine to your paint as well.


The drying aid process:

Get The Big Green Sucker and drape it over your arm with the bulk of the towel hanging down. Spray 4-6 sprays of Boss Gloss straight into the towel. Flip the towel over and spray another 4-6 sprays on the other side. Now dry the vehicle like you normally would, starting with the glass, then working top to bottom.

If you've got a larger car or truck, you'll notice when the towel starts to get full of water, as it will feel heavy and start to smear the water. It’s just telling you that it's time to wring it out. Don’t worry though, as you can wring it out multiple times without effecting its ability to dry your vehicles' paint. The Big Green Sucker can even do multiple vehicles, one after the other. If you do wring the towel out after it’s become drenched, spray a few more sprays of Boss Gloss onto each side of the towel as previously mentioned and continue drying. Not only does this method make drying your vehicle even faster and easier, but it will add a shine and create some protection to your paintwork all while you dry.

Machine washable

Once you’re finished, be sure to machine wash The Big Green Sucker using our Microfibre Wash and then tumble dry it on the cool to warm setting so it comes back nice and fluffy. Store it in a sealed storage container, with your other microfibre, all ready for its next use. Be sure you never wash the towel with anything else other than other high quality microfibre cloths and give the machine and dryer a quick wipe inside so there is no lint before you wash, as it will pick up any other fibres in the washing process. 

We love this towel and after using it, you may begin to feel like we do at times, in that the chamois is dead... Long live the Sucker! 

Love your car,

Dan Bowden

The Big Green Sucker

The Big Green Sucker

The fastest and most luxurious plush drying towel you will ever use.

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Boss Gloss - the versatile quick detailer

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