Super bloody quick and easy to use

In our opinion, the ease of use is the best thing about the Clean Detail. To use it, just lightly mist it evenly over the surface you want cleaned. I try and segment the areas by doing it a panel at a time, or half a bonnet, roof or boot section. Use enough product to have the area mildly damp, then lightly wipe it away with a clean Big Softie or Drop Bear plush microfibre cloth; finishing it off by turning the cloth over to a dry side and gently buffing the area for a prefect, high gloss finish.

When doing multiple cars, or a bigger car, we use two Big Softie or Drop Bear microfibre cloths; one for product removal and the other for buffing to a glossy finish. With this system we can usually do around 4 to 5 good sized cars before needing new, dry cloths. With over 60 cars in our main shed to clean, you can imagine we go through quite a lot of product before each tour or show we do with the cars! This is another reason why we do this bottle in 750ml sizes (also in cost effective 5 and 20 litre packs of it as well).