Tips to remember

When doing a car in the sun, like at a car show, use the product a bit more heavily, almost like water, as it evaporates so quickly. Cleaning small areas at a time - like you're spot cleaning it. This ensures you will not get any streaking and that you get the best possible finish. Likewise, if you're using it to clean away bird droppings or the like, concentrate a few trigger sprays direct onto the area affected and wipe away safely, using a clean part of the cloth with each stroke. It goes with out saying that you need to wash this cloth out afterwards. 
Over the years we have also found the Clean Detail is good to clean away tyre rubber marks on your paint, being after a drag racing run or a few fast laps at the track. With both Chris and I running white cars, we have found it is an indispensable part of our racing kit. Even for that quick clean between runs, you can keep your car looking top notch the entire day. Something that is important for clean freaks like us!