For fast use while washing


Wash your car using our Auto Body Gel, Wax Wash or Nanolicious Wash, then rinse it clean.



Create a lubricating suds solution, by adding two capfuls of our wash into 5 litres of water.



Work on small areas at a time, like 1/4 of a bonnet, or 1/2 the roof or boot. For the very first time you use of the towel, it’s good to start on the windscreen to help “break in” the cloths' polymer coating. 

To get extra suds to the car, get either a non scratching Muffy sponge or our Love Glove (which we prefer as it's a lesser chance of dropping) at the ready. Dip it and the Clay Towel in the suds solution. Take the suds to the car with the Love Glove to really make sure the surface area is wet with the lubricating suds. 



With your hand on the microfibre side of the towel, apply to the surface with little to no hand pressure. Use a smooth side to side motion, then change to an up and down movement. You will hear and feel resistance on dirtier areas, which will disappear once it’s clean and smooth. Be real sure you don’t use the towel outside the lubricated area!



Once the Clay Towel moves smoothly over the surface, rinse down with water and move onto a new section. Inspect and hand clean the Clay Towel with the wash suds between sections. 



To avoid water spotting, keep the car wet till you’re done, then chamois/drying towel it dry. Your paint is now super clean and smooth, ready for the next steps of cleansing and waxing.